How Does Everyone Feel About First Responce Pregnancy Tests

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Sammi Jo - November 10

I have heard that A lot of the time there not always right


Shalee - November 10

They are a pretty good test. You want to take a test that detects very little hcg and it will tell you earlier in pregnancy that you indeed pregnant. I also recommend the clearblue digital, it says pregnant or not pregnant so there is no confusion. HTH


michelle - November 10

I took one 3 days before my period was due and it came up very clearly as pregnant! I am now in my 6th month....


Amanda N - November 11

Worked great for me! I took it and it showed up instantly that I was pregnant. I found out when I was 4 weeks, I am now almost 16 weeks.


m - November 11

Maybe this inconsistency is caused from the fact that there is more than one type of First Response. There is a FR Early Result, which does detect 25 mIU. Also, there is just the "regular" FR, that detects 100 mIU. So that's a big difference. Maybe the difference in how women do/don't like them is caused by the fact they they used 2 different First Response Tests. Make sense?


m - November 11

I would like to add that while the digitals work great for women who already have either a high hcg level or those who aren't pregnant, there are also women who do have the hormone, but in low amounts. Therefore, while a digital might say "not pregnant", all that means is that it doesn't have that required amount to say "pregnant", when indeed they are. Meaning, if you took a good old fashioned one, you might see a faint line, which means positive. However, at the same time, a digital might show up "not pregnant."


Amanda N - November 11

Yes it does. The one I used was Earlly Results!


Sammi Jo - November 12

HI, I just want to add I am two days late for my piriod and took two of those tests two days ago and both were neg.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 12

I took one 4 days before my period was due and got a positive result.. So i I like it....


Nikki - November 12

With my second child First Response detcted my son one day before my period was due. With my third, it picked up when I was 12 days late. I am now 6 weeks. All in all, a good test.


m - November 12

Nikki, I am so glad to see someone else didn't get a positive until nearly 2 weeks late! That happened to me, too.


Shelia - November 13

I took 3 digital tests before going to the doctor. The first I took 6 wks after my period, but I later found out was only my 2nd week of pregnancy and that test was negative. The other two test were taken when I was 7 weeks and they were both positive. The test that a doctor does is not digital, and looks similar to most at home tests.


Jessica - November 13

I had the feeling that I was pregnant.. I just knew it... So we went to the dollar store and got a few tests which my friend did the same and it showed up that she was pregnant so I know that those tests work.... I took several and nothing ever came up... So I went and got a first responce test (I was only three days late) and It showed up right away! And then about a week late I took a different kind of test and it barely even showed up. So by experience I would say that is the best test to get! It will show you faster then the others!!!


Markeeta - November 17

Well, it is usually right if you are really pregnant! Best of luck with your pregnancy test! My mother knew she was pregnant from the day she had an intercourse but her test came out negative twice so she had to wait about 7 days after her "period" was due. So, she took it again, it finally said it was positive. So, I am not sure but that was back in the days. I am sure the test are pretty accurate now days! Best of luck !!!!!!!! And please let me know. Markeeta


sys - November 17

I used this test 4 days b 4 my period date. It came up with light pink line..but i am sure there was a line. after 2 days i did the same test again and got clear +ve line.I used first response early preg test.


Dodi - November 19

I used 2 and they were both really good. I used 2 clear blue and they were both really faint positives (1 day after period due). I got First Response to double check and they were both a much stronger result. I am now 17 weeks pregnant


angela - November 20

you are more likely to get an incorrect no than a false yes. I took several that all said no when I was really pegnant, it happened with both kids.



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