How Early Can Pregnancy Signs Appear

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Meg - February 10

Is is possible to have signs of pregnancy only days after ovulation or wll they not appear until the fertilized egg has implanted itself?


J - February 11

I think they subside around the third month if you mean the nausea. I remember with my son I didn't feel pregnant until around 8 weeks and then I was sick as a dog! Then around 12-13 weeks I felt better. People say you get more energy around that time but I never did.


Jenn - February 11

I'm wondering the same myself. If ovulated on the 8th..but already I am feeling slight cramping or tugging sensations, I also get this weird sharp pain right under my belly b___ton and my b___bs feel kinda achy...not like they hurt ...almost as though I'm expecting them to really start hurting soon. Don't know if that makes any sense??? At this point I'm only we'll see how this progresses. What symptoms are you having?


Maleficent - February 11

i had tenderness in my b___sts long before my missed period. this is the first pregnancy i've had morning sickness, and that didn't start untill a few days after we found out. everyone is different, everyone's body reacts to pregnancy in different ways.


Meg - February 11

Jenn, I have been breaking out moreso than I normally would and I itch all over my body. I am also very bloated and moody, although this generally happens about 2 weeks before my period (I am do around the 21st). I probably shouldn't overthink it but I was just curious if symptoms could appear as early as only a few dpo.


IT - February 11

I have been searching all of the web to see if anyone is feeling or has felt like me. My husband and I had s_x on Fri. Jan. 28. About a week later, I felt shar pains in the same area you say you felt. I have Erosive GERD and the symptoms have been WORSE this entire week. Of course I think it's impossible to have any symptoms, but for some reason I think I am pregnant. My b___st aren't tender or anything, but I am also wondering how early you can tell. The sad thing is that the day we had s_x was the day after my period ended, so I have to wait an entire month to find out. And the crazy part is, I'm so afraid to continue taking my Aciphex and I am taking Zantac and Gaviscon. I am thinking I should stop until I find out for sure.


Jenn - February 12

Meg....I am due on the 22nd. How long is your cycle? Or better yet how many dpo are you? From some of the things I have read, crampiness, b___st tingling or tenderness and being bloated are some of the earliest of symptoms...but I think everyone is different. I hear ya on not over thinking it too much...but it's hard not to!!! Seriously I think this is the first time in my life I am hoping my b___bs hurt! =) IT, I would talk to your Dr. about your meds..maybe that will put you at ease. Good luck dust to ya!


Meg - February 12

Jenn, My cycle is usually 29 days but it was 27 last month and so that is why I am saying that I am due around the 21st. I believe that I ovulated on the 7th/8th this month.


Jenn - February 12 looks like we're cycle buddies! At this point you would be 4 to 5 you very well could be feeling symptoms. Let me know how it goes. Mayeb we can do the waiting together?! keep me posted on the symptoms...I'll do the same =)


Meg - February 12

Jenn.... Sounds good! I have also been exhausted all week long and I have absolutely no energy at all right now. Of course this is probably due to the weather here this weekend since it's pretty gross outside and I live in a mostly dry and sunny climate. Keep me posted on how you are doing.


Jenn - February 12's been raining here as well. I live in san diego, ca...the rain can really put a damper on your mood! Guess we only have about another week to wait.


Meg - February 12

Jenn.... How funny! It seems like a lot of people on here are from all over the world but guess what? I live just north of San Diego, in Temecula. Small world, huh?....


Jenn - February 12

WOW! that's crazy...i have a few friends up there...I was just there last weekend. It's totally a small world. I actually live in really we're only 30 min apart! Doesn't all this rain b__w???


Meg - February 12

Jenn.... Yes, it does. It's been a pretty gross winter and it looks like it's supposed to rain even more next week. I am absolutely looking forward to March or April when it will stop for a while.


Jenn - February 15

Hey's it going? Any updates? My b___bs have been hurting a bit more...generally on the sides near my underarms and underneath. My back has been sore for the last few days...but it's more my mid back and in between my shoulders..not my loer back. At this point I am I shoud see an increase in symptoms moving forward...I HOPE I HOPE!


Meg - February 16

Hi Jenn.... Things are going well. I don't really have too many signs right now but I think that it may still be too early for me - I recently read that most won't actually start until right around the time you miss your period and that some people don't show any signs or have any implantation bleeding. One new change, though, is that everything has such a strong smell lately. Don't know what to make of this one yet. I hope, too, but this time around I am just doing things as I normally would so I am not disappointed like I was last month. This is only our second month of ttc and I know that it may take a while, although I am still hoping every day . How long have you been ttc? Will this be your first child?


louise - February 17

some women can actually feel conception and start having syptoms straight away. so it can vary. some lucky women never get symptoms!



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