How Early I Can Do Preg Test

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sonya - November 11

Hi, Today i am on 16 th day of ovulation 2 days back i did HPT with 2 brands..first response and Answer. Both came +ve. But My DR asked me to test it again with "fact Plus" i don't know the min level of HCG the "fact plus" can detect.. The other 2 tests i did could detect HCG level 20 and 25.. I don't want to waste one stick..fact plus says we can do the test the next day we miss period.. but i don't know when my period has to come this month since i had very late period last month.. Can some one help me on this? Is it ok if i test tomo..17 th day after ovulation...The ovulation i could find from my temp charting..


Shannon - November 11

I found out I was pregnant 7 days past ovulation with the dollar store brand!


A - November 11

Hey yeah I have had a pos with a dollar store test before too! Hubby didnt trust it, cause it was dollar store, but it was correct! Good Luck


Sonya - November 12

Thank u for ur reply..Today morn i did the test again with "fact plus".IT came +ve....My Dr asked me to come for a blood test today..I am going..


veronica - November 12

quick question, I read on another post that dollar store test was a canadian product, but being in Canada I can't seem to find it. Anyone know what store I can find this at?


~A~ - November 12

I don't sorry, I am from the mine at dollar general for $1.00 they have some there for $4.00 also....have to ask for the 4 dollar ones, and one dollar ones are with the tampons and pads....sorry i couldn't help you!


veronica - November 13

That's okay ~A~. But does that mean I've been wasteing $17 + dollers a shot when they are a buck!!! Gee I feel brilliant right now!


~~A~~ - November 13

I always use dollar store tests now! I have read some another site ( i forgot which one it was :0( ) That the dollar store test are MORE SENSITIVE... got one the other day and it only takes 25 mIC for it to show up...E.P.T's are 50 mIC....i would go with the dollar store ones !!! hth :0) god bless!


Sonya - November 13

Hi friends..I went to Dr yesterday for a blood test.and got +ve result..I am excited!!!


~~A~~ - November 13

SONYA: CONGRATS! good luck with your pregnancy! How far along are you do you know yet? God Bless!


lilmama - November 22

If you already had 2 postiive tests, why are you testing again? You are obviously pregnant! I wonder why your doc said to test again. That seems weird to me. I would say it is ok to test now.



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