How Early Is Too Early To Test

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madelinessong - December 6

Well I was hoping everyone who has had a BFP could tell me how early can a person test before their Period is due? Has anyone ever had a BFN several days before it was due but still had a BFP after is was due? It has been a while since I had my DD and I vagly remembering testing after my period was due and getting a faint line. Here is info I wrote in another post explaining everything about my when mt LMP was etc. "Here is my dilema sorta. My last period started on Nov 10th and is not due till dec 7th. Between the 1oth and the 20th/21st I had unprotected s_x with my hubby. I am on BC pills but forgot to ake them 2 or 3 different times before we had s_x and a few times after. Around the 27th/28th while at work I noticed spotting when I went to the bathroom. It was light pinkish-light Brownish. It was not much and di not last long. for the last week my br___ts have been sore, I ave been tired and some smells grose me out. Could I be prego and could that be implantation bleeding. I have had no pms like i usually do. I am just emotional and had pins and needles sensation around the time i spotted. What does everyone think." Well I tested last night and this morning with FMU and still got a BFN but I still have slight nausea, Tiredness and I feel bloated in my lowere abdominal area. The Gas and indigestion is terriable. The tenderness in my br___t are gone but instead of PMS Cramps I am having mild pins and needles feelins occasionally combined with a quick p___king feeling and like somethings stretching. I am so confused right now and don't know if I am going to get a BFP. I still have at least 1 or 2 days till my period arrives. The tests I use were the digital. Do they suck and should I use theothers instead?


starlight_94 - December 6

Got my BFP 2 days before AF with faint lines.(on walmart brand test) Took a digital HPT (clearblue) the next day and within 30 seconds the big black PREGNANT was there! I was actually having NO symptoms but couldnt resist the urge to poas... It was only my 2nd month ttc so I was shocked. Those symptoms sound promising. GL. And its best to wait until you miss your period to test, but most people cant wait! Let me know the outcome


madelinessong - December 7

well this mornig i had mild cramping but when i woke up it was not like my period. It is spotting with brown and a bit pink clear fluid. Usually my AF starts with a bang. So I dont know if this is implantation bleeding? I thought I already had it. I am so confused. I probably should a__sume it is my AF for now.


starlight_94 - December 7

Sounds like Implantation to me, but I cant say for sure. I have never had any bleeding in either of my pg so Im not sure. I would take a test now, I think you are close enough to get a correct answer especially if AF doesnt show today. Good luck!


PuRpLeSkY - December 25

You can buy tests that are able to be used six days before AF is due, that is what I used only because I couldn't remember when my AF was due so I got the most sensitive test available


only_three_shots - December 30

I tested positive 4 days before af was due with a clearblue digital, I had tested negative the day before with the same test.


Krissy68 - December 30

only_three_shots - Are you pg? Krissy68


Krissy68 - December 30

only_three_shots - Ignore the last post I didn't read it right I already know you are pg and I am waiting on your update from the doctor and I want you to try and relax everything will be okay. Krissy68



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