How Easy Is It To Remove Iud Ius

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Grace - November 6

Hi, I'm considering the use of the IUD/IUS? Just like to find out how easy is it to remove the contraception if I choose to get pregnant some time later? Can I remove it myself, or must I go to a medically trained doctor? What would be the complications if I were to remove it myself?


My answer - November 6

I really should be removed by a medical professional. I doubt you would be able to get ahold of it to remove it (the only thing you will be able to feel outside your cervix is two little strings - they feel like fishing line - but they are not long enough for you to be able to grasp and pull it out). Usually, the Dr. will use hemostats (really long tweezers) to get ahold of it. You will also be on your back in the position normally used for a pap smear with a speculum in.


kr - November 6

Hi Grace.You can have it removed when you want, but the removal needs to be done by a doctor. I don't want to scare you, but I would feel remiss if I didn't tell you I know 2 ladies who have gotten pregnant with IUDs. In one case the the lady's doctor wanted to remove it at 3 months, but there was a 1/3 chance of misscarriage. She misscarried at 4 months due to complications. In the other case the women carried almost to term, but delivered the baby with some hand deformities.I think it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor about their success rate and what chances you might be taking.


Laura - November 6

Hi Grace, I had one for a year. I had it removed by the doctor to try for another baby. Do not try to remove it yourself if you get one. It takes the doctor 2 seconds to remove it.


:) - November 6

Hey Grace- Like everyone already said, if you get an IUD make sure the doctor removes it. And also there are two different post under the 'PregnancyComplications' forum on this site about women that had IUD's and became pregnant. I would read those post first before you make a decision.



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