How Effective Is Withdrawal If Done Carefully

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pull out pondering - March 12

Anyone pg from using the pull-out method? I've been using it and no other bc for over a year and haven't fallen pg. Just curious cos I've read before that it's not a safe method and I would like to know if anyone has fallen pg on it? NOT IF THE GUY DIDN'T PULL OUT ON TIME THOUGH!! Mine always does so that's what I'm looking for. Sorry if I'm not making much sense, I have a cold so my head's a bit fuzzy at the moment!


Rachel - March 12

Not effective enough obviously :) My husband and I used it for 5 months, absolutely perfectly, and I became pregnant. Now I mean we were extremely careful. I read once that when used perfectly it's about 85% effective (I think it was like 60 something % w/typical use???). Still much less effective than other forms of b.c. but we were willing to take the risk. But we couldn't be happier with how things worked out. Now we're expecting a baby boy in august. So good luck but please don't rely on it if you absolutely do not want a baby. It's just plain not effective enough.


Heidi - March 12

Don't ask me. I got pregnant after we thought we mastered that whole concept! I wouldn't rely on it!


SugarPie - March 12

The pull out method is as successful as Michael Jackson's face surgeries. Find anothe method or you'll be enjoying the lovely world of motherhood sooner than you think. Much love****


BBK - March 13

about 60%


vanessa - March 13

We actually used it up until this past month (ttc) for 9 months without ever getting pregnant. After reading the responses I'm a bit nervous that maybe I CAN'T get pregnant.... it worked really well for us.


kashi - March 13

the method just by itself would not be safe enough for me, if i wouldn't want to become pregnant under no circ_mstances. but i am not about chemicals and stuff like that either. i hate condoms! and putting things into my body was not an option. we wanted it to be as natural as possible, without having 20 kids :) so, what we did ist strictly natural family planning (taking temperature and observing cycles, determine which days are most fertile and abstain during these days) in conjunction with the withdrawal method. this worked fine for about a year. it takes a lot of dicipline thou! but it also had very positive impacts on our relationship. then we got married and our wedding night happened to be during the most fertile time. we didn't want to pull out. we were actually very aware of what we were doing, but we just didn't care much. and it wouldn't have been the end of the world if i'd become pregnant. and so it was. now i am 32 weeks along and we are really looking forward to have this baby. but back to your question: i think if you use that "method" (it's really actually not a method at all if used by itself!) then sooner or later you will become pregnant, because i don't think that guys can pull out in time all the time, but maybe your guy is different? i don't know. but if you keep using this "method" alone, you might as well get used to the thought that you might be mama soon! so it's up to you... best of luck to you anyways!


Kari - March 14

well, me and my partner are in the same situation. have been for about 2 years now and so far nothing. I gotta say I wouldn't mind if it didn't work and we end up pg but this is something we have discussed over and over again. I worry sometimes maybe I'm infertile like Vanessa said! Who knows? I guess I'll update you if I get 2 blue lines to tell me different someday. Here's hoping a little bit! He he he xxx


Kimmi - March 15

bummppp!!!! (sorry but i wanna know more about this too. I was gonna post a similar question til I found this one! Anyone else using pull out with success?)


Robyn - March 15

Yeah Im about 8 weeks preggie with the pullout method...good luck lady!


NOT - March 15

If you don't want to get pregnant, I wouldn't rely on it.


Heidi - March 15

I used the natural family method for 3 years. We would just abstain around my ovulation time or use condoms. I hated taking the pill. We got a little careless the last year but I was convinced I couldn't get pg as we were being pretty lazy! Then low and behold, it happened unexpectedly! So if you 100% do not want to get pg, I wouldn't use this method at all. The discipline part is very hard like another woman said. I swear your mind plays tricks on you and you just don't care in the heat of the moment!!! I did NOT want to get pg and even I let it slide so don't rely on this method :)


Billie - March 15

I know at least 2 people who got pregnant on that method.


Ti - March 15

My husband and I used the pull out method for 2 and 1/2 years and it worked just fine for us. 2 months after he stopped pulling out, I got pregnant. So, I wouldn't call myself an advocate for this method....but it did work for us!


kat - March 15

you can get pregnant from pre-c_m so no its not reliable!


KM - March 15

Not At all. Prec_m can just was easily get you pregnant. It's called being careless.


Mary - March 16

We used this method along with the calendar doe 2 years - it worked for us 100%. No unplanned pregnancies. :) The important part is to make sure you are not having s_x during fertile days - which is a long amount of time - do other things instead - fun, fun!



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