How Far Along Where U When U Started Buying Stuff For Baby

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leslie - May 23

ok, so I just turned 5 months last week...I was trying to convince my hubby to go to babies stores to get little clothes..and he says that its too early and we should wait until like last far along where you when you started buying things?? I think we should start with little stuff..what do u girls think??


Anna - May 23

I always started about 5 months, but go slowly and look for sales. If you start early and buy carefully, you will save a lot of money. Better than rushing around the last month and buying whatever you find at whatever price is marked.


Karen - May 23

Hi again Leslie as you know I am 5 months too and plan to go shopping next month. Most people start around six and seven. Like Anna said it is best to go slow and look for sales . Also waiting last minute can cause a lot of stress. You also need to have your stuff packed and ready for the hospital. I plan to start my bag as so as I finish my shopping. I want to be relaxed the last month and waiting for my baby boy.


Jessie - May 23

I agree with Anna. It’s a bad idea to wait until your last month because you wont feel up to doing much shopping at all and you will feel stressed and overwhelmed with what needs to be purchased. All the important things that you need that are too expensive for your baby shower like furniture and such we are starting to buy now (we are 5 months perggo too) However be careful when it comes to clothing, people get you a lot of cloths at the baby shower and keep in mind the age of your baby at each season. You don’t find winter cloths for baby at this time of the year, and baby is being born in fall/winter. Don’t wait last minute, you won’t find any good deals, you’ll spend too much money and you will feel out right tired and stressed.


leslie - May 23

The thing Jessie is that I live like 3000 miles away from my family and I don't know many people here..just hubby's family and they are like 400 miles I don't even know if I am going to have a baby shower..I think most of the things we are going to have to buy...when do you think I should start buying the furniture for the baby's bedroom?


Karen - May 23

Leslie I would start looking around now pricing stuff and picking one that you like. The earlier the better. If your like me you like to be prepared. I plan to buy my furinture next month. I live in the Caribbean and plan to go up to Miami to do my shopping cause home is way too expensive and I have to travel before I get to far on. Hope this helps.


Jessie - May 23

As soon as you feel comfortable, we just started our shopping for furniture a week ago (20 weeks now). We have not purchased anything because I am looking at every place in town I can to get the best quality for the best price. I would start now....... it’s so much fun, enjoy it while your still able too. This gives you plenty of time to buy the perfect thing at the perfect price. You may end up buying some thing too expensive or some thing you really don’t like because you did not have enough time to shop around. Also Memorial Day sales are coming……keep your eye out!!!!!!!!


Sarita - May 24

Heres my advice...first everything you can get ur hands on! second and subsequent babies, you'll know what you want and what works and be more inclined to wait for sales. :D


J - May 24

I would wait until I knew my pregnancy was progressing normally. Maybe after the first trimester. I had a miscarriage in the past and it was painful.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 24

For some reason, I feel compelled to wait until after the 24 week ultrasound. I guess I just want to see the baby one more time and rea__sure myself that all is well with the little one. :o)


KellyB - May 24

I pick stuff up as I go along!I'm 29 weeks. If I see something cute and on sale, I pick it up. My mom has done the same thing for us. When I found out it was a girl, I pick up cute stuff here and there but everyone tells me that I am going to get a lot of gifts so don't crazy. I actually have bought 6-9 mo onesys/sleepers, due to the advice of friends/families, they outgrow the newborn stuff so quick.


stephanie - May 24

Youl wouldn't believe the cool stuff you can find at yardsales. I went the other weekend to a yardsale in a really nice neighborhood and god lots of stuff....newborn onsies, jumpers, dresses, lots of things...probably 30 different outfits. Almost bought everything she had on the table. I'm 6 months now, but have been buying things since about 4 months...not just clothes but other things i know she will need.


Heidi - May 24

I'm almost 5 months and I bought enough infant outfits at garage sales this spring to last till probably one year old! I found a gently used bouncy seat too. We're waiting for our house to get finished. Then I'll start to pick stuff up here and there and we find out the s_x for sure in June. Then we'll have the shower in later August and whatever I don't get I'll buy after that. I'm due Oct. 21st. Oh I have a ba__sinet too. But that's it. Clothes, bouncy seat and ba__sient, and I bought them all second hand but in almost new condition. I'm only having one child so I figure why buy new when I'll just sell it next year at my own sale.


stephanie - May 24

Yep....I couldn't believe the clothes this women had....they were like .25 cents a piece. Looked brand new....It's also a good idea to try and buy him/her bigger clothes like 6-9 and through 12 months that way you will always have something to fit.....everybody always gets you the newborn stuff at baby showers then your left to buy all the bigger clothes down the road. I even found some neat maternity clothes at yard sales. It's so fun! I think i'm addicted.


teresa - May 25

I started buying stuff, clothes, supplies, etc.. when i was like 2 months.. haha.. actually bought some clothes when i was like 1 month... Im EXCITED.. its our first


Sarita - May 25

One bit of advice on the size thing....I bought all the tiniest newborn stuff I could find for my daughter and when she was born at almost 8 lbs, and continued to gain rapidly, none of the lil stuff i bought worked. Id stick with larger stuff. That tiny stuff isnt reasonable for a baby that will outgrow it in a week or two. (unless of course, you know you are having a preemie or a smaller baby) Just my two cents.


Anna - May 25

Sarita is right. The newborn size lasts LITERALLY for less than 2 weeks. It just isn't worth it.



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