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*2005* - January 5

I was wondering how far in pregnancy do you have to be in order for them to feel your baby, b/c I am for sure pregnant and I already had 3 appointments 3-4 weeks apart and they still can't feel anything, and they said each time that I was only from 4-6 week preg, has this happened to anyone before? Im just really confused


heavenly - January 5

Hi 2005! Yeah that sounds a little iffy. They tell you each visit that you are only 4-6 weeks each time? Are you going to a Gynecologists? If not you ready need to. I would consider changing Dr's. I had a gynecologist that would only set me up appts with the mid wife. I never really got to see the Dr. I miscarried at 6 weeks and when came in for my first check up after the miscarriage the Dr walked in and congradulated me on my pregnancy. I then told her that I was no longer with child and I just cried! Needless to say I was p__sed and believe me that was not the only thing they screwed up. They kept getting my appts confused and would send me home to come back on another day which was messing up my work schedule and getting me write ups at work. I left their sorry b___ts and now have another that I am very pleased with. So just be careful. If you are not comfortable with the care or answers you are getting from this Dr find another one. Good luck to ya 2005 and God bless you and your child. BTW, I am 5 months pregnant and it seemed like it took forever for them to feel the baby or hear the heartbeat but a few weeks ago it all came together. Just be patient it will happen :o)


KM - January 5

hrmm at my first prenatal appointment, after the pregnancy was confirmed, the doctor did a pelvic exam and felt my baby at 10 wks. I'm not sure how much earlier they would feel it.They may be able to see something on ultrasound. It might be hard this early, but it would probably set your mind at easy and give you a more acurate time frame.



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