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T - February 24

How hard is it to get pregnant when you just get off the birth control pill? Does anyone know.


layla - February 24

Not very hard. I finished up a pack of pills, and then decided that I wanted to get pregnant. I was pregnant within the next month.


Jess - February 24

I stopped taking mine and went through one cycle and the next month I got pregnant.


KM - February 24

i screwed up my pill, once! and got pregnant right away.


Beth - February 24

i think it all depends on the person, i was on it for six years and it was a year and a half before i got pregnant


Lynn - February 25

Depends on the person..I have been off it since August. We have been actively trying since then with no luck. I was only on the pill two months before that...For some people its not easy. My periods have never been the same


Missy - February 25

I went off the pill on 12/26 and my date of conception is thought to be 1/9/05 - only two weeks after stopping the pill! I am now nearly 9 weeks and counting! Good luck!!


Billie - February 25

I think it depends on the person. I got off my pills in July 2003 and started to "try" in Oct of that year. My husband and I conceived Sept 2004. It took us FOREVER!!!! I had tests done and so did he and they said that there was nothing wrong with us. I did the ovulation test thing and nothing. Then I got frustrated and gave up. As soon as I did, I got pregnant. Now I'm 26w and 2 days and happy!


LJ - February 25

you know what i have the same question with you. i'm off pills for a year and here i am still trying to conceive. i've been following all the things that my ob-gyne told me but sometimes it gets frustrating that every month you still have your period.


Missy - February 25

Sometimes it helps if you take the pressure off of yourself - think about it, you are putting all this stress and pressure on yourselves that you MUST be pregnant this month...when maybe all your body needs is a nice romantic weekend (or night, or afternoon) carefree with the one you love - no pressure, just the two of you enjoying each-other. No baby talk, just enjoy one-another and maybe, just maybe, you will get pregnant that month. I know it must seem really inconsiderate of me to say this, I am not by any means in your shoes LJ, but it has been known to help couples get's just a thought -- ***~~BABY DUST TO YOU~~*** God bless and good luck!!


vanessa - February 25

It varies from woman to woman. I've been off since June 04 and I haven't gotten pregnant. Sometimes it can take up to 6 months for your body to ovulate again on a regular basis. I agree with the above post... just relax... that's when it will happen.


T - February 25

Thank you for all your imput. I have have been on the pill for a while. I missed my last four days of my pill. So my husband and I decided that this would be the time to try to have a baby. I was off the pill and started a light period on Feb. 17th I think. We finally had unportected s_x, on Feb. 21st. I was just wondering if there is maybe a chance, that I could have gotten pergnant. I have high hopes. Thank you for for all comments.



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