How Have You Changed

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Bobbi - April 29

Just wondering what different things people have noticed about themselves since they got pregnant. Not physical things (we all know there are hundreds of those:p), but personality changes. For example, for the first time in my life, I am really good with money, and I even have a savings account!! Also, I used to be a big partier, but now going out for dinner with some friends is just as much fun. So what changes have you noticed??


Stace - April 29

I'm actually calmer. I always wanted two children but after having my daughter 7 years ago all I've had is mc and ectopic. This is now the realisation of a dream and I feel finally complete although naturally apprehensive.


Alycia - April 29

I'm normally really high strung and anxious about stuff, but since I got pregnant in August, nothing has really worried or bothered me. It's almost spooky!


divinelibra - April 29

it's the COMPLETE opposite for me. it sux too. i was such a clean freak, picked everything up right away, must have everything organized, VERY motivated. since i got pregnant though, its all gone out the window. it was to the point i didnt even want people at my house! i've noticed though, that i'm kinda getting back to my old self again now that i'm farther along and past the horrible 1st trimester. only problem is i'm fat now and it's hard to do the things i was used to doing! i guess i'm starting to realize that baby will be here very soon too. i want everything to be PERFECT when he gets here. also i wasn't a very "cuddly" kinda person before i was pregnant. now i can't stand it when hubby isn't near me and loving on me.


Alycia - April 29

divinelibra - I was the same way about my house before I got pregnant. I just haven't had the energy or drive to do much about it since then! This is the very first week I've had the house up to my old standards, and that's probably because I'm nesting - I'm due in nine days!


livdea - April 30

I'm a single momma and before, I came pregnant, I would give anyone a chance and now that I'm pregnant...and strangely enough still getting asked out...I'm SO WAY picky. I've gone on 2 dates in the 7 months I've been pregnant and this last one was just last week and I'm kinda dating this great guy now but I haven't even hugged him yet! I'm so nervous and I gaurd my body like crazy now. Totally different. I like it though!


livdea - April 30

My last post sounds kinda funny...I think I was delirious! It was past midnight and I was unable to sleep! My change has been, just being more protective of me and my body. Not that I was wild before but I wasn't affraid to hug/kiss/hold hands with some one I was dating and now, even though I really like someone, I'm keeping him at arms length! And not only him. I don't know if that makes sense but I didn't feel like my last post made sense! So I tried again! I'm so out of it!! lol...blame it on the 3 rd trimester!!! :)


Alexi - April 30

My husband deployed when i was 26 weeks along, and i'm living near a military base far away from my family. This isn't his first deployment over there, and during past deployments i completely came unglued. This time, knowing our first born is on the way, i've had to be tougher. i've been taking care of the bills, trying to save money, doing the "man's work" around the house, and i've even been more emotionally strong ( i know babies can tell when something's wrong). Being a "mommy-to-be" has definately made me more responsible! i'm all she's got right now!


olivia - April 30

I feel like I am totally b___hy all the time. Like I always have to pick on my husband and nag him. Meanwhile I feel like a lazy, b___hy wife but inside I am not even thinking or caring about what I find the need to b___h about. I don't know why I am doing it. I am usually calm and could care less about most of the things that really bother me now. I hope I chill out soon!


jnine29 - May 1

i'am more calmer i use to love getting to "a blues" but now i dnt do it any more, maybe its the mother in me


clare - May 2

im alot more laid back about things now for example i always used to worry that my fella was going to find someone else that made him happier and now we are having a baby im fine i dont worry half as much as i used to if anything i realised how much he loves me this baby has alot of love and im so happy xx


Leahp - May 2

This may sound horrible, but I had my baby girl in October and pregnancy made me a total B___h!!! My own mother told me that I was very moody and uptight, I even got diarreha of the mouth, just telling friends how it is when they p__sed me off, but it was all for the good. But I also gained a lot of friends that were more mature. But once my daughter was here I have become a very confident woman, not really scared of much, where I use to not even go eat by myself in a restaurant, my husband said that was a big leap for me! I love being a mom and have never felt so complete in my life, it has definiltey changed me for the better, I'm a much stronger person now!



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