How High Is The Possibility Of Becoming Pregnant Just A Few Days After Your Period Ends

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Catlike - August 18

Yeah, fiancee ejaculated inside yesterday, and it's been 3 or 4 days since my period ended. I usually have regular periods.. What do you think; likely or highly unlikely?


Melissa - August 16

It is very possible. Test if you are late.


J - August 16

Please do not listen to Melissa. It's highly unlikely that you will be pregnant from having s_x yesterday as it is a very low fertile time in your cycle.......... count 14 days from when your last period began and the days surrounding that day is your most fertile time (ovulation). If you are trying to get pregnant make sure you have plenty of s_x on those days and your chances will be VERY high indeed. Good luck.


unknown - August 17

j you have not right to say that. YOU CAN GET PREGNANT ANY TIME. good luck catlike!!!!!!!!!!!111


PROOF - August 17

yeah j is wrong! i got pregnant two days after my period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!now i am 6 months !!!!


Melissa - August 17

To J, Hi, I'm not sure why you attack my posts, but it's really rude! You are correct, the chances are very low. But, it is possible, as you can see from the other people's posts it does happen. Please refrain from rudeness and frankly leave my advice alone. If you disagree, fine, just keep it to yourself. You have yet to have given any advice that is 100% correct. None of us, not even doctors, can give the ultimate in advice we can only give what we know from experience and schooling. Which I do have in this field. Please stop the attacks, I don't post rude comments about your advice and I expect the same from you. Thank you!


Catlike - August 18

Thank you all for the replies... Well, an update frome me: I started spotting in brown. This has never occured to me with all the times of having this is the first time. Not sure if that's significant at all, but just wanted to point that out, as well as mentioning that my last period being extremely light compared to my other heavy usual periods.


Catlike - August 18

Oh, and last month I had unprotected s_x right at the middle of my cycle.....before the light period. So I guess there might be a higher chance then?


Yes - August 18

Yes your chances are very high, specially if you had s_x around ovulation. If you are really trying, use an ovulation calendar and have plenty of s_x befor your ovulation days. Good Luck!



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