How Irregular Is An Irregular Period

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jen - November 25

i came off the pill in june and have gone back to having irregular periods anything from 28 days to 35 as i did before i went on the pill. I am now on day 36 and have been cramping since day 28. keep expecting to have my period but nothing yet. br___ts are also very tender, and i am exceptionally tired, had nearly 10 hours sleep last night and could fall asleep again now. desperatley want a baby but am trying to delay doing a pregnancy test . posts on this website keep making me cry too!


nbp - November 26

well, as far as your periods being irregular, well i was on the pill to regulate my periods, and it did, and as soon as i went off it, my periodes were messed up again, i would have a period for a few days one month, maybe not have a period again for a month then have a period that lasted for a month. then i went on the depo shot and i had no periods at all, i gain 100 pounds in almost a years time, and when my husband and i decided to start tring to get pregnate, i got off the shot. well i would have a period that would last a month, heavy then i might have a regular period the next month then i might not have a period for four months, this caused lots of frustration and confusion, since every time i didn't have a period and i would take a test and it was negative, i would be satisfied, because when my period still didn't come i was even more confused. needless to say i went through lots of tests over a two year period. as far as your period, every one is different, your b___st are supose to be naturally tender when it is that time of the month anyway, so that could be for that reason, as for cramping, i never had any cramping when i first got pregnate, infact if i hadn't of seen the sonigrams, and experienced the morning sickness, i would have never known i was. as for being tired, well that happens. i suggest you wait a few days and if your period dosen't start, take a test. if you get a negative answer and you still don't start within another few days, take another test....remeber, use your first morning pee....and if it is still negative, go to the doctor, i have never had a test lie to me, but i have herd of it happening. if you are impatient, like i am wait a couple of days and go to the doctor. of course, they will tell you that you should wait two weeks after you miss your period to take a test, but that isn't true, take it when ever you want, i did and it was right every time......also, don't cry!!!! don't delay doing the test, it'll help relieve you and besides the sooner you know the truth the better for you and possibly baby.


nbp - November 26

wow!!!!! i hope that helps you a little, i am sorry about the rambling.....i tehnd to do that!!!! hahaha


jen - November 26

thanks nbp. actually decided that we would do a test last night just to put my head at rest and came out positive. very happy indeed!!



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