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confusedlady - June 14

How likely or what percent rate of women get pregnant and still get there period?? Does anyone know?? As well as do some people get sore br___ts before there period? Becasuse my br___ts were sore about two weeks a go and now I sorta have my period. Do you think this is because my period was on it's way??


smskam - June 14

yes .. many ladies have sore b___sts before their periods and i am one of them...and about periods in pregnancy.. i have heard of ladies on this forum and others, many a times, who say they did get some spotting or bleding but it generally was lighter or scantier or different from their usual flow..i do not know of anyone first hand yet though who had periods all the while and was pregnant but it is rare.(or not commonly reported)...first trimester i am told, is mostly when ladies continue to sometimes have a little bleeding or spotting..i have also read a doc's aticle or two which mention some ladies continue to have their periods for a while and hence are not aware of pregnancy initially and another doc who metioned some ladies(while preg) continue to have cyclic bleeding during the time they would have had their expected per what i have heard it can't be called periods...the docs generally say u can't have periods and be preg.. but i am sure there are rare cases... ....I hope it helped


confusedlady - June 14

I usually have a 28 day cycle and this time I finished my pills on saturdaya nd got my period yesterday so 3 days later, and today it isn't very much so this is why I am waiting to take a test, I just have had cramping and dont usually ever as well as my b___sts never get sore. I feel tired, headache and dizzy just not myself and usually i justy have my period but maybe im coming down with the flu...who knows im sure im just paranoid


Betul - June 14

yep, I always have sore b___bs before my period and headaches and sometimes even slight nausea. I also get period cramps when I am pregnant during the first 8 weeks or so. Pre-period and pregnancy symptoms in the early weeks are very similar to one another which is why we see so many women who swear they know they are pregnant only to have thier periods show up a few days later. I was guilty of it so many months that when I finally did fell pregnant, I took a pregnancy test everyday for 2 be sure I was really pregnant!


KLT - June 14

All the stress from thinking about it so much could also be causing all these symptoms you are having. Before I got pregnant..the last few times I had my period I was having late ones each time and I was so paranoid and thinking about it so much it made it worse. Then again, i had been taking the pill for 5 years and it took me a year after stopping it to get pregnant. I always got sore b___sts before my period. Actually I got cramps like 2 weeks before i'd get my period!


smskam - June 14 remove teh dashes..this is one of the articles i wrote about


smskam - June 14 it says some ladies continue to get periods and are unaware of pregnancy for a while. u can read it.. it is a good site ..agaian please remove dashes


Olivene - June 14

Sometimes I have sore b___sts around ovulation. Maybe that's what it was for you, too. My sis-in-law had "periods" for a few months with one of her children, but she's the only one I've heard of. Good luck!



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