How Long After Coming Off Birth Control

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Heather - January 5

Hello-I was on birth control until about a year ago and since then have been trying to get pregnant.My periods have been sporadic since the birth control and I was wondering if it's normal for it to take this long. Is it still in my system and when will my cycle return to normal.Thanks.


Help! I want to be a mommy! - January 11

I recently came off my birth control in the middle of November. My period came on time in December, but this month, it came 3 days early! I'm still wondering if I could be pregnant. The human body is an amazing thing. Each one is different. Anyone else?


r - January 11

To Heather...It's harder for women to get pregnant if you are not ona regular 28 day cycle. 2 of my friends were like that and one got pregnant last year with the help of ovulation kit. It's a simple temprature & chart thing. All you have to do is take your temp every morning first thing and once it goes up slightly that's when you are ovulating. So if you are really eager to get pregnant this might be an option for you. To Help! I want to... There is a chance you could be pregnant if youhad s_x when you were ovulating. But they say it's better to wait at least 3 months when you come off the pill to get pregnant. This is because while on the pill your body thinks it's pregnant in a way, so of you get pregnant too soon it might be too much for the body to handle - this is not to say it's like this for everyone and that it's cause of a misscarriage but there is a slight possibility. So for your bisy to regulate give it about 3 months...Mid Feb you should be good to go! :o)


mini cooper - January 12

r, your right because i fell pregnant 3 months after going off the pill after being on it for years.


L - January 13

I didn't have a period for 8 months after stopping taking the pill. Then I got pregnant that month. Everybody's body varies!


Jo - January 13

I stopped taking the pill at the end of November....I ovulated dec 13 and now im 6 weeks preg. i get pregnant very easily.


pooky - January 18

Heather, I was told by the nurse to see the doctor if we didn't get pregnant by a year but that hospitals dont worry before 2 years. I would suggest speaking with doc to rea__sure you. I have also read it can take a year to get pill out of your system which could b y sporadic?!?! i dont thoughts only.



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