How Long After Having Baby

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April - August 16

How long after having baby did you wait to have s_x?? Its been 4 weeks since I had my baby and i feel ready to have s_x but i dont if its doctor told me to wait six weeks . Also I had a second degree tear with six stiches...but its healed.. Has anyone else had s_x this soon???


April - August 16



Evy - August 16

I was told it is 6 weeks. I know women who had s_x earlier but some were very uncomfortable. I would listen to the doctor. Sorry.


April - August 16

Evy thanks for anwsering..I have heard of women having s_x earlier to but I dont know how safe it is..or how bad it hurts...


m - August 16

It was seven weeks before I felt up to it again. Even then, the first few times it was very uncomfortable. But some people do okay a lot earlier.


Kris - August 16

I would wait..even if you feel ready, actually having s_x might hurt more than you feel like it would.


Jamie - August 17

Heh...I had my baby a week ago and am just fidgeting to go have s_x with DH...I'm gonna ask Dr. if it can be sooner than 6 weeks, since I had a C-section...6 weeks is a looooooong time...


KrisD - August 17

My husband and I had our pre-natal cla__s this weekend and they went over why you shouldn't have s_x prior to the 6-week mark. They said they have had two women die in the past (over the course of many years in the business) because they had s_x too early and caught an infection. Scare tactic?? Not too sure, but it was enough to scare the c___p out of me an my husband!


Lynn - August 18

I'm wondering if s_x is ok sooner after a C-section. Why shouldn't it be?


m - August 18

everything I've read said you should at least wait until the bleeding and discharge stops. You have to give things a chance to heal. But it doesn't mean you can't be close to your husband - there's lots of ways around actual penetration.


Stacy - August 18

4 weeks...........I waited only that long! I have a 4 1/2 month old and in April she'll have a sibling! She was born in March.oh my! I had st_tches as well. Just go slow and if it feels uncomfortable don't do it. I felt I had more control on top....and my husband didn't complain! LOL Good Luck!


Stephanie - August 18

I had a c section and had s_x 4 weeks after baby arrived



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