How Long Between Pregnancies

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Po - May 1

Hi there! I'm in my early 30's and only just pregnant with my first child. I'd like to have a few more but I know my time is limited and I will have to have my children close together. What I want to know is, after the birth of your baby, how long did you wait to start trying to conceive again? Do you have any views on when it is safe to get pregnant again? Thanks.


nhb - May 2

My son is currently 11 months, and I'm going to be 12 weeks on Wednesday pregnant w/ baby #2 . . . we weren't ttc though, exactly, just not being careful enough this time :) But it's really up to your situation. If you think you can have another one right away, go ahead; if not, wait until you feel comfortable, although I'd advise waiting at least a few months just to see how motherhood works out for you. Good luck!!


Po - May 2

Yes, I guess I will just have to wait and see how motherhood works out. :) I'm expecting the reality of it to be a huge shock. Everyone tells me that my baby arrives, I won't know what hit me. I still dream of having more though.


Mellissa - May 2

Well, My cousin and his girlfriend had their first child in May of 2003, then 5 months later, she was pregnant again, and then they had their 2nd child july 2004 so I guess you can start trying by at least 5 months afterward!


Liz - May 2

I always thought I just wanted one. My daughter is 7 and I'd now like to have another one. I know perople w/ 10 months spand and 10 year spans. You have to do what is right for you! You'll know when and isf you want more : ) great luck!


nelly - May 2

i was 18 when i had my daughter and so naturally we wanted to wait and i am 23 now and 7 months pregnant and they will be 5 years apart. i understand your situation and having them close together maybe about a year apart or two years apart would be good. i have an older sister she in 2 and a half years older and my brother is 2 years younger. we are all close it is good to have them close in age so that way they will have someone to play with and bond with my cousin didnt have and siblings and she was very lonley and not to mention spoiled and still is today and she is 22. she was over at our house every weekend because she never had anything to do or anyone to play with.


DJ - May 3

In my family we were very close in age 9-71, 4-73, 6-74. It was great for us, but I think it was hard for Mom. The last one was actually the least complicated pregnancy and he was the closest.


DJ - May 3

I just wanted to add that you have plenty of time and not too worry. You'll know when it is right!


Maleficent - May 3

my mother had 7 babies in 12 years. the only problem she's ever had health wise is obesity, wich was an issue even before she had kids. IMO, family size and spacing are your own business. so long as you are healthy and ready for another baby then go for it. there are "recomended" spacings, but what works for some isn't nessisarly what works for others. have the family you want.



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