How Long Did Everyones Labor Last

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lacy - September 2

this is my first, just wondering..


Lynne - September 2

I am on my first and haven't gone into labor yet, but in my family, the women are notorious for having short labors. They all averaged a mere two hours from contractions to birth - amazing! But, I believe this is definitely the exception and not the rule.


teigan - September 2

i went over two weeks, was induced, and even then didnt go until i was ready, after all the carry on, i delivered in 5 hours with no pain relief it was quick but bloody painful, sorry but dont listen to anyone who says its easy lol


Beth - September 2

I was very lucky too for my first....I was in active labor and did not even know it. I went to my doc. for a regular appt and he asked me if I was having any pains and I told him no. He told me I was over 4cm and 85%effaced. that was at around 2pm, he told me to go to the hosp. cause I was going to have the baby today. I got to the hosp at 4pm and starting pushing at 11:15pm my daughter was born at 11:37pm. I was very lucky and hope the same 4 u. My doc said I was having regular contractions but I was not feeling them cause my water had not broke and it acted as a cushion


Steph - September 2

My water broke at 3:45 p.m., contractions started within minutes...took the 20 minute drive to the doc's office that was connected on with the hospital was seen at about 4:30...I was dialated to a 6 and my daughter was born at 6:44 p.m. Very mom said that each of her labors got shorter and shorter...she had my brother in 2 hours. So I'm a bit afraid as to how fast the next one is gonna come!!


Brandy V - September 2

Altogether whole day. BUT I went into labor that night, went back to sleep, woke up with no pains and went to my doctor's appointment, found out I was a 5, still no pain, after about 2 hours the doc broke my water, hour later I was a new mom


karine - September 2

first....12hrs Second c-section


Beth S - September 2

i was induced at 35 weeks due to preeclampsia. was in labor for about 15 hours but then pushed 3 times and my little man was out.


nelly - September 2

my first lasted about 19 hours and my second about 6 hours.


Katharine - September 3

#1 was 8 hours. #2, I had my water broken, it was 3 hours, 20 minutes. I preferred the longer labor.


kate - September 3

avery long 26 hours with my first


- September 3

1st-36hrs, 2nd-3hrs



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