How Long Did Induction Take

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Mel - November 11

I'm getting induced next Fri. This is my 2nd baby. I was not induced the first time. I was wondering how many hours you usually spend in labor when you are induced.


Vanaseregwen - November 11

It really depends on a few things. How long was your 1st labor? How favorible is your cervix at the time of induction? If you are at 3 cm and 75% effaced it will go much quicker then if you are at 1cm. How are you being induced?


Mel - November 11

They are giving me pitocin. I was in prodromal labor for three days last time, when I finally started to progress it took 4hrs to go from 3cm to 9cm. I'm 1 cm right now.


Jodie - November 11

My first labour (not induced) was 14 hours, my second i had to be induced as i was 13 days overdue, when i arrived at the hospital they monitered me for 30 min and found i was having contractions, which i couldnt feel, they did an internal and i was dilated just enough for them to break my waters, an hour later contractions became strong and 3.5 hours later my boy was born. Im being induced again on monday so im hoping everything goes as smooth as last time


Brandy - November 11

I was induced and it took almost 18 hrs. But it was my first baby. It took me 11 hrs to get to 4 centimeters, then only 4 hrs to get to 10. Then I pushed for almost 3 hrs. It would probably be much quicker for you since this is not your first baby.


Laura - November 11

I was induced with my third. My first two labors were quick and easy. My third was 16 hours and intense! Good luck


For Me - November 11

10 and 12


belle - November 11

A lady at my work was induced last week, her whole labor was 3 hours! I have never heard of such a short labor with induction.


Mom2Lyssa - November 11

I was induced with my 1st, and labor was total of 6 hours (including 30 minutes of pushing). It was pretty quick for me. Hope everything goes well (and quick) Mel!


Terra - November 12

Hi Mel. I was 8days overdue with my first born, and I was induced just after 7pm, closer to 7 30... and I had my daughter at 12:29 am so for me, it didn't take long considering.. All I can say is, thank god for epidurals I hope things will go well so I can have one again this time around.. That is the only thing I'm worried about, are those contractions..


mom42 - November 13

I had my furst baby in about 8 hours without induction. My second, my water was broken at 9:20am and I delivered her at 12:40pm, so just over 3 hours. I didn't need pitocin, or anything. The second was way faster, but much more intense. I preferred the longer first labor.


Shannon - November 14

My friend just went through 40 hours of labour this weekend. She was about to be indiced cuz she was 14 days late, and she was in home depot and her contractions started.


S - November 14

I just had my baby 6 weeks ago....I was 11 days late. I went in at 6:00am and they immediatley broke my water and admistered the pitocin. At around 3:00pm I couldn't take it anymore and received the epidural. I was 8 cm at the time...I had her at 5:18.....good luck.



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