How Long Did It Take You To Conceive

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Jen S. - January 29

I have hear that the averag time it takes to conceive is 6 months or longer. Just a question for those who have conceived, how long did it take you?


Shannon - January 29

4 months, I came off the pill in June and got pregnant in October. and lost the baby in Dec. :(


JF - January 29

My doctor told me the norm is around 4 - 5 months


May - January 29

I've got PCOS, it took me 1.5yrs.


tiffani - January 30

I read it could take up to a year to conceive, so we a__sumed it would and began trying about 6 months before our targeted conception date. We got pregnant the first try. Keeping this in mind, we aren't going to ttc baby # 3 until the targeted date.


cindy - February 1

It took us about a week!!! I was shocked.


Rachel - February 1

I went off the pill in December and found out I was PG in January. 1st time trying :)


MENA - February 3

Went off the pill Sept .28, found out I was preggo mid Oct. This was our first try.


to jf - February 3

if your doctor told you that he does not know what he is talking about it takes a healthy couple about a year sometimes so dont give up jen


KM - February 3

I got pregnant on the pill.. unplanned..I guess I'm pretty friggin fertile.


Rachel - February 4

5 months after coming off the pill and we concieved. Though we weren't trying. Oh well worked out, we couldn't be happier :) But I did have a friend who tried for 9 months before she got a +. Everyone's different.


amy b - February 4

i stopped taking birth control last January. My hormones were out of wack so i had to take hormones to get me back to normal..Once i was normal again and had a period without any medication it only took 1 month!!!!... now I am 7 weeks pregnant


d - February 4

it took my husband and i four months. i went off the pill end of june and got preg in oct. i am due july 8th. 3rd baby


Carolyn - February 4

My doctor told me it would be 1-4 months, my first month off the pill was Dec. and I conceived in Jan. I was quite shocked! Good luck, I know the anticipation/hope is brutal no matter how short the wait....


bec - February 5

i was on the contraceptive injection an c_m off took a yr for my first period then after i had 2 periods i was pregnant.


beth - February 5

I was on the pill for six years and it took us 1 1/2 yrs for my body to regulate and then i concieved right away


Kitkat - February 6

I was also told it takes 6 months on avarage. I got pg the first month trying after I got off the pill.



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