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anon14x - February 27

Okay, well my boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby. I got an ovulation calendar on my computer, and it said that I should have been ovulating on the 23rd of february. The last time i had my period was february 4th, and my cycle is roughly 31-33 days. My boyfriend and i had s_x on sunday the 18th, monday the 19th, thursday the 22nd, friday the 23rd, saturday the 24th. Do i have a good chance of becoming pregnant?? And if i have a good chance, how long before I can take a pregnancy test? Because I'm very anxious, and how long before symptoms begin to show if i am...,?


heathernkennybrown361 - February 27

well i would say you have a really good chance of getting preg. i would wait until you have a missed period to take a test.. i know it seems like a long wait, but that's really the best time or else u may get a false negative. Me and my boyfriend tried for like 7 months to get preg and we would have s_x like everyday and on the days i was spose to be ovulating, I'm now 14 weeks preg. and it took a good while for it to happen, I wish the best of luck to u guys


heathernkennybrown361 - February 27

Oh yeah and symptoms dont usually start until after your missed period either, or at least for me thats how it went


tk07 - February 28

hi! is this your first month trying? it sounds like you did it on the right days so you have a good chance. don't get discouraged if it takes a few months though! and yeh, you should wait until af is due to test. good luck!!!


Martha31 - March 1

anon14x: looks like you will test around March 8th...same here:) Any symptoms yet? My bb are a little sore but I get this somethimes, PMS, I suppose.... Anyways, let's wait and see. Good luck to you!!


anon14x - March 1

im not sure if theyre symptoms yet but my b___sts and nipples are starting to get sore, which never happens when i have pms but theres always a possibility it could just be PMS.....hoping not though =) good luck with your test!!


missycc4 - March 1

Hello I did the ovulation calender also. I'm now 40 weeks pregnant. The calendar worked for us. I was pregnant the 2nd month. My lmp was May 20th,06 we did it on the 1,2,3 and then missed the 4th then again on the 5 and 6th. I had implantion bleeding on June17th then tested July 23 and it was postive. Good Luck.



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