How Long Does It Normally Take To Get Pregnant

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mary - November 11

i have been trying for six months no and nothing, im getting very frustrated and want to know how long it took everyone else please.


lorna - November 11

Hiya it took me 2 years to get pregnant and i got frustrated aswell just try not too stress so much about it because that also can stop im 5 month i guess it can take long on some people and others its a very short while


~~A~~ - November 11

Hi. with my 1st baby i was a day late took a test and it was pos... we weren't trying but not preventing it either....with my 2nd baby, my daughter was 3 months old and I got preg again with my son! again weren't using any protection.....trying again!!! But the funny thing is my dr told me i wouldnt be able to have any kids!!!! I have endo, pretty bad i guess for him to tell me that! Hope you get prego soon! Keeping my fingers crossed for you It will happen! God bless!!!


nm - November 11

i don't really have an answer for you, but we having been tryig since august and not successful yet, but i am here if you want to talk. i know it is frustrating and what's more is the fact that my sister just found she was and hers was an accident plus i am jealous, because we have been tryign and now i don't knwo if we should continue or not i dont want to p__s her off. we have also tried to relax about it, but still nothing, we try to do it very other day and i try to plan those around my 12 and 14 day after my period hoping i will track it right, but i have never actually sat and figured my actual cycle length. let me know


ML - November 12

With my first it took eight months. My second it took nine months. My third it took four months. My fourth it took nine months. I noticed that it seemed to happen when I stopped worrying about it so much and my mind was on other things.


Amanda N - November 12

We had been trying unofficially for 8 months. But right before I got preg I found out I have polycystic ovaries so they had to put me on glucophage in order to make me ovulate correctly, and within a month of being on that I was preg!


Vidyasree - November 16

hello friends... i have been trying for 7 months without luck.I am really scared now. I think i am having some problem. Anybody knows how long will it take to get pregnant?anybody got a kid after 7 months of tryingg.plz mail me id is [email protected]


vidyasree - November 16

dear mary.. i am also in the same boat i have been trying for 7 months..but i haven't got pg .Ime too want to know how long it took everyone else


Frustated - November 16

This is our fourth month trying, and nothing. I don't understand because we are both young and healthy, we do it every other day, specially before, during and after ovulation and still nothing. It's really hard for me because my brother just had a baby without trying and It's taking us a long time, I'm really frustated...


mary - November 18

im still trying, still nothing, i keep getting all the syptoms but i think thats because i want it so much, anybody else got this prob


y - November 18

did any of you ladies, tried the ovulation prediction kits? We got pregnant immideately after using them. Before that I really could never figure out when I was ovulating. I thought around day 12-14 of my cycle, but turned out I was ovulating on the day 16-17! Anyways, these prediction kits helped me figure it out. You can get them very cheap online. The ones in drug stores are too expensive. I bought mine for about $0.49 a stick. By the way, it may take up to a year of trying, before a person can get pregnant, so don't give up.


mary - November 18

thanx y. ive always wondered if they worked or not, i think i might give it a go



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