How Long Does It Take For Sperm To Fertilize An Egg

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Patricia - February 8

I would like to know how long it takes for sperm to fertilize an egg


Maya - October 16

Anyone know?


hhk - October 16

Do you mean how long from the time the sperm reaches the egg does it take to fertilize? Have you ever seen the "birds & the bees" movies? It's pretty quick.


Lena - October 16

Under one second for the sperm to penetrate the egg.


- October 16

the sprerm can live up to 5 day. before it hits the egg


dez - October 17

I actually watched this program on discovery channel about the whole process. From what it said it take 24 hours for a sperm to fertilize the egg, because once the male ejaculates inside of you, the sperm actually coagulates first (and someother things, I dont recall) before it actually starts headed towards the egg, and once its gets to the egg the fertilization process takes 24 hours.


Lena - October 17

The time for the sperm to reach the egg can take about 24 hrs, but the actual time for the sperm to cross the zona pelicula of the egg is under one second.


Help Me Plese - October 29

Is it possible to have unprotcted s_x and get pregnant the same day?


HEARD - October 29

I've heard that you can actually get pregnant for up to 72 hours after having s_x.


Kelly - October 29

It is true that the sperm can live up to about 5 days...


mishelly - January 28

Well.. i found a page which states an egg can live for up to 48 hrs and sperm for up to 7 days!


lauraaOx - February 6

if you have your period and have had unprotected intercourse then 33 hrs later after intercourse you take morning after pill can you still fall pregnant


Grandpa Viv - February 6

Laura, I think you are saying that last cycle you had unprotected followed by PlanB within 33 hours. Now you have a period. You are not likely pregnant, but if you are concerned, a pregnancy test will help set your mind at ease. Buy some condoms of your own and make sure they get used every time! Good luck!


darren_and_mariah - October 25

if u had s_x with a guy 1 day and i say a day and a half later another guy and got pregnant whos baby wpuld it most likly be if there was sperm placed after the first guy?


Grandpa Viv - October 25

If both the guys were before ovulation, the second guy, closer to ovulation, would have a somewhat higher chance. If you ovulated at the time of the first s_x, the egg might have been past its use-by date for the second guy, who would have had a somehwt lower chance. That's all theoretical. In fact you are not sure exactly when you ovulated, so a paternity test after the childis born is your only solution. GL!


conbryan - May 6

i was wandering how many hours does it take the sperm to fertilize an egg i heard some people say it took 8 hours and others was saying it took 10 hrs i also heard that it's usually within the first 12 hours after you ovulate does anyone know the answer please let me know there is something else i'd like to know also it takes 3 days for an fertilized egg to enter the uterus as soon as it enters the uterus does it start to implant in the wall of the uterus right away



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