How Long Does It Take To Get Medicaid

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monkey123 - February 1

I've been waiting for about 7 weeks, is that normal? I'm in Indiana if that helps. --- I know I shouldn't expect it too fast, but my doctor bills have racked up to $3000 in a month already...I don't have any money to pay them at all. :( I've been calling them & can't get my caseworker on the phone. I went into their office last week & told them that I'm high risk now & that the doctor's office is getting worried about the bills too (which is true. lol). This long pending process is making me paranoid. I keep thinking they'll reject me for some weird reason. That always seems to happen.


Jbear - February 2

Mine didn't take that long, but I'm in Texas. The first time, I filled out the forms at the city clinic (actually they had a man fill them out for me) and they mailed them in. Then I got a call to go for an appointment a few weeks later. After the appointment they told me I could get a form at the front desk saying that I had medicaid, because the doc I was using wouldn't see me until I had the form.


kr - February 2

You should have been issued an emergency card in a week. Call the agency state number, not your caseworker.


krc - February 2

Im in florida waiting on my medicaid. Im 14 weeks and 2 1/2 weeks ago I went to for my appointment. Friday I called to check the status of my case and they said they were missing some information ( information they never told me they needed ). So I faxed that to them but they told me it can take up to 45 days. I told them Im almost 4 months and still haven't seen a doctor but they didn't care. So like you im just gonna wait and see how long they take.


Jbear - February 3

When you get medicaid, it pays all of your unpaid medical bills for the last three months. So you may be able to see a doctor, with the understanding that you are waiting for medicaid approval and that if your medicaid is denied, you'll pay the medical bills.



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