How Long Is Cramping Supposed To Last

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meg - February 5

I am 9 weeks pg, & am still having AF-like cramping & was wondering if this is normal? I last saw the dr. 4 weeks ago & at that time she said that as long as it wasn't severe cramping, or cramping accompanied w/ bleeding, which it definitely is not, it's normal. Is it still normal to have this type of cramping at 9 weeks? If so, how long does it last? Thanks!


Jenn - February 5

Cramping is completely normal. In fact, you'll probably have mild cramping off and on through the whole pregnancy-it is due to your uterus stretching out-making room for baby!! Makes sense that that would cause some type of discomfort. I will be 23 weeks tommorrow and I just started back to cramping off and on. I think my son is going through a growth spurt. Also, all those organs are relocating and that may cause some cramps as well. As your doc said, as long as they aren't severe and no blood, it is to be expected!!


Alycia - February 5

I had menstrual-like cramping until 10 or 11 weeks. I'm 27 weeks now, and I've been getting Braxton-Hicks contractions since about 16 weeks, but it doesn't feel the same. Try not to worry - it's all normal.


Olivene - February 5

I'm still have some cramping at almost 14 weeks! It does seem to be less and less often. I just think of it as stretching- that makes me feel better about it.


m - February 6

Does it seem to be on one one side or the other? If so, it's most likely growing pains from stretching ligaments, etc. And those could last the entire time. I'm almost 23 weeks, and have them quite often. Good luck! Oh, and if they get painful, give your doctor a call.


meg - February 6

Most of the time they are right in the middle. Every now & then (maybe 1% of the time) they will be on the side...right side I think.


Jodie2008 - February 8

I just wanted to say thanks to all the comments. I have been having some cramping since the day I found out and no one would say if it was normal or not. So I was getting scared and anxious because it is my first baby. They are not severe and they are kind of everywhere. Like period cramping. Thank you



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