How Long Is It Best To Wait

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imsorrygod - June 5

Hi I was wondering how long after is it best to wait? The doctor told me week after it is fine , To have s_x but to conceive it is best to wait 3-6 months, so my body can heal , what do you think, And Do you think this baby will be sick,


Rhonda - June 5

How long is it best to wait for what?To get pregnant again just so you can kill another unborn baby?You really do have some problems.Nice try.


lexa - June 6

What is the problem...I'm lost?! How long after to wait from what? Did you have a miscarriage? If you are wanting to have a baby, I would follow your doctors advice so you can have a healthy baby! Let your body heal. Why would this baby be sick? What was wrong in the first place?


amethyst_dragonfly - June 6

Whoa... Rhonda, what the hell was that?! "imsorrygod", how long after what-- miscarriage? abortion? Why do you think your baby will be sick? Rhonda, why do you say she'll kill her baby?!?


mcatherine - June 6

Read the "How long after and abortion can you get pregnant" thread posted by Coryswoman. It will answer all your questions.


krista-lee - June 6

imsorry god is coryswoman. she had an abortion 2 days ago and is now wanting to get pregnant after 3 abortions because they were convienent to her. this is definetly a joke, a grown woman wouldnt be so stupid and waste everyones time reading your c___p.


imsorrygod - June 6

Hi, and im not coryswoman,And my name is cynthia menrow and from calf, and the baby was really sick the doctor said the baby would only make it 2 more weeks and i would have a miscarriage,So he said it was best to do that,If not it could hurt me inside and make it so i can not have children?I have only been pregnant once and this times was once.And me and my fiance are waiting to have s_x 3-6 months after cause we are afraid it will hurt my insides. But what i am wondering is if after the 3-6 months could i get pregnant after that procedure . And will this baby be sick. The doctor said the baby got sick becasue of my blood type,and that the doctor i saw before should have gave me a shot in my thigh to help that not happen,So i have to go to court and fight against this doctor for making my child sick, So i hope this will answer all your question and concerns and I hope you are not confused of who i am thanks, sincerly cynthia


sophandbob - June 6

I'm sorry but this does sound decidely like the same person on the 'how long after abortion thread'. Who also posted using two different names. This si why people may think you've jst picked yourself up another user name.


soimpatient - June 6

Wait a long, long time.


Rhonda - June 6

It is the same person,you can tell by her wording.I think it is very wrong to be posting c___p under pretend circ_mstances.This woman had an abortion b/c she got with some new guy and wanted to have a kid by him instead of having the one she was already carrying(an innocent little life was murdered due to some ignorant person)who was so selfish she would not even give that unborn baby a chance at life)and if she gets pregnant by this new guy and he dumps her,she will probably kill the next baby.And she wants us to give her advice on when to try again.Bullsh*t


lexa - June 6

Okay, I read the other thread everyone kept referring to and I get it now! My questions is why name yourself "imsorrygod"?! If you are not in fact the other person on the other thread, then instead of being sorry to god shouldn't you be angry if in fact you are telling the truth? Just curious. Anyway, I hope that isn't you because if it is, then your name should be "sohelpmegod"! Because that is what you would need. If it is you, you don't, you don't deserve to be able to have the right to try again! If it is not you, then I really hope all "blood" issues works out, your body heals and you have a healthy baby that you will have to love undoubtedly no matter what. You just need to follow your doctors advice. Other than that, I'm not going to try to play detective as to who you are. Next time you seriously want someone's advice and help, you should learn to explain yourself in the question.


soimpatient - June 9

bump....sorry but she's post in another forum under a different name.



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