How Long Is Late

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Fox - June 11

My girlfrind and I are faced with a tough situation, She's late on her cycle and I'm looking for more information on the subject aside from what information she has been giving me. I know that it takes about a month for an egg to gestate. the more pressing question becomes, how late is late?


sophandbob - June 11

it all depends on the length of her cycle and If she is reegular, then anything beyond her normal cycle length is late. she can take a hpt from the 1st day of a missed period.


Deb - June 12

If her cycles are regular, then she is late if it hasn't shown up when it should. If she has irregular cycles, then wait about 5 or 6 weeks after her last period and take a test. An "average" cycle is 28 days, but many women have normal cycles of different lengths like 26 days or 32 days. It all really depends on how long her cycles are and whether or not she is regular. If she feels she is late, take a test. If it is negative and her period still doesn't show, wait a week and take another test. Good luck.


Fox - June 13

well one of my worries is that its been about a month now, she's taken 2 tests and they both are positive.


lisa2006 - June 13

get her to the doctor and have a blood test.. she's pregnant!


krc - June 13

my cycles are irregular, anywhere from 32-40 days. So it was normal for my period to appear up to 2 weeks late. I had a feeling I was pregnant when I guessed my period was due around say the 20th and 2 1/2 - 3 weeks after that it still didn't come. My first home pregnancy test was a strong positive. So from my experience anything past 2 weeks is considered a late to be worried or excited about. Most likely she is pregnant. A false negative is more common thatn false positives.


Deb - June 13

If two home pregnancy tests have been positive then she is pregnant. Those tests do not turn positive unless the pregnancy hormone hcg is detected. It is very important that she contact her doctor because she needs prenatal care. I don't know your situation, but I hope this experience becomes a blessing for you two. Good luck!



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