How Long It Took You To Get Pregnant

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RAINBOW SHADOW, 23. - March 28

I'm about 3 months married . We've been trying to conceive all the time (2 periods so far). No results. Everytime I get my period I get frustrated because we want a child so very bad! The thing is, I had medium active past s_x history for almost 8 years. Very few times used condoms, the rest, was "outside" ejaculation, except for like 5 years ago I had ejaculation inside for like 4 times in a period of 2 months I could say, and that's it. I feel too shy to ask this things to my mom and friends. One thing is, that, him and have had s_x a lot. He often throws a lot of semen. In the middle of the month, my belly has even grown a lot from it. Sometimes I take walks, jog a little to see if some of it can go down so fresh sperm can come up. I say this because I have read on site that it is no good to have a lot of semen inside (lots of s_x) because it reduces the count of sperms. Meaning, the more s_x you have, the less sperms will come out in one shot. So, 1 year and 2 months ago I went to the Gynecologist for a check up, did a Nicolau test and took a sonogram. My gynecologist said, don't worry, you are fine. Everything is clear and normal. You will have many kids! But like I said, I try to stop thinking about it, keep myself busy with school and everything, but it is hard. In some sites I read tips for positions, in oders, they say position doesn't have to do anything. There have not been any infertility prolems in my whole family. I have some questions for you girls: 1) Did you went through the same thing I did and then you got pregnant? 2)HOW LONG IT TOOK YOU TO GET PREGNANT? (Very important question) 3) Any advice or comforting message to me?


Billie - March 28

It took my husband and I 13 months total to get pregnant. We had all kinds of tests done and the doctor said that everything was fine with us. They told us to stop worrying about it and it will happen. I took ovulation test predictors and checked my bbt and cm every month and still got my period. It was very frustrating. Well, after 10 months of trying, my husband got sent out to Iraq for three months. When he got back, we didn't try. We were just happy to finally see each other and BAM.... preggers!!! It will happen for you too. Just try to be patient and try not to stress out about it. I know that it's hard but for your sanity, try to take it one day at a time.


maya - March 28

i would start trying 3 days before ovulating and keep having s_x for about a week. unprotected s_x to be clear. make sure u r healthy. then see if u get prenant. have s_x in the moring and afternoon.


JLorenzo - March 28

It took my wife and I one month to get pregnant. However, she charted her cycle because she was 33 and concerned it would be harder to get pregnant. There is a book by Toni Weschler(sp) about recognizing the symptoms of your cycle. Once we read that, we got pregnant immediately. Good luck!


to RAINBOW SHADOW,23. - March 28

everybody is totally different,for example it took my mum 5 years of ttc with me,then my best mate had a one night stand and got pregnant,you caant go by how long it takes other people.........but good luck anyway.


BBK - March 28

One factor, that is super important but very few do anything about it when ttc is stress. Stress reduces both sperm-count and fertility. Try planing a vacation around the fertile days.... it worked for us!


Regan - March 28

It took my husband and I a year and ahalf to get pregnant


Stephanie - March 28

It takes no time at all if you are anything like me....... I used the same bar as soap LOL We are 11 weeks and 5 days today.


toes - March 28

Funny story, actually--when my wife and I were dating, her cycles were all messed up cuz not a month went by that she didn't get pregnant, starting with the first night. I proposed to her a week after I met her and that night was the first we had s_x. She "caught" 3 times, but her body decided things weren't quite right and within 3 weeks things were back to normal. The day we said that her getting pregnant would be a wonderful thing, regardless of the timing of things, was the day that she caught and now we're just 2 months from getting to hold that baby. Oh, in her 1st marraige, she and her husband tried for abt 2 years, and nothing except for 2 miscarraiges. As for the sperm staying in, mine usually took abt 4 days to make it's way out, which was really nice--no wet spot! I have no idea why but my orgasms with her are incredibly powerful, I'd never even heard of it staying inside a woman that long all on it's own.


RAINBOW SHADOW, 23 - March 28

Wow, those are very varied results.You're all right, I think it is stress as well. Not everybody is the same. I've heard about people trying for 7 years. I told my husband about this forum, he didn't like it, 'cause we need to trust God. (How science and religion affects this matter?) Nevertheless, I feel shy to ask others in person.I've never sat down with my mom or sister to talk about it. I'm so shy to ask. Also, I mean, browsing through other sites doesn't help me that much. If my husband catches me writing, I'll get in trouble. Better go soon. Anyhow, ty so much for your answers.I'll come back and check for more of the things that you have written. Please wish everything goes ok, dear people. Best Regards!


Heather - March 29

RAINBOW SHADOW, 23 - Have you thought about charting your temp? I had to take clomid to get pg. Worked on the first round of it but unfortunately ended in m/c. The charting thing is a HUGE help. Try this site. It's a popular one and free. If you need someone to talk to or ask questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] I've done a lot of research and if I can be of the slightest help I'd like to. Take care! Oh and one thing… When you said you will get in “trouble” what did you mean? Is dh controlling?? Or totally against planning it out…? Just curious.


~S~ - March 29

My bf and I have been together for 3yrs and we absolutly LOVE having s_x, our s_x life is very, very healthy....Although, we never planned on having kids so soon but 4 months shy of 3yrs, we got pregnant. I really think you'll become pregnant when you least expect it. It'll happen when IT want's to happen, not when you want it to happen. I say this because, my bf and I both hated wearing condoms, so he would always pull out (I know, not a very protective method) but then we both got a bit careless and he was c_ming inside of me...I came off birthcontrol because i hated the side effects it gave me...again, not smart...but we never ever got pregnant. It was like this for almost 2yrs. I started to believe that I couldn't get pregnant and worried, then it got to the point where all I wanted to know was that I can get pregnant...Oddly, I became very sad everytime I got my period. i knew I wasn't ready for a kid and didn't really want one at the time, but I was sad because I thought I would never be able to have kids...Eventually i just gave up on my worrying, then what do you know...about a month later I became pregnant. This is why I believe it'll happen when you least expect it. Good luck, and don't worry yourself too much, just let it be and you'll become pregnant.


to RAINBOW SHADOW,23. - March 29

you will be in trouble if your husband catches you writting? does he have that much control over you? geez! good luck with ttc though! oh and ive been ttc for 5 months so far.


Amy - March 29

I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant. Started week 4 today. I got pregnant my first cycle trying so I guess I was just very lucky. My best advice to you is just to relax and it will happen. Have s_x every couple of days during your most fertile week and hopefully it will happen for you very soon. I wish you the best of luck hon.


Amy - March 29

Also wanted to give you a helpful site to track your most fertile the right side of their homepage there is a ovulation calculator. For me it was VERY accurate and VERY helpful. Again I wish you the best of luck.



Hello People! Thank you so much for your answers. About the "controlling" thing, well, the "thing" is that he wants me to focus in college (got one year to go), and sometimes he notices I like to spend a lot of time n the computer. I think that might provoke a little of differences in couples sometimes. Also, he wants to lean more upon the trust and believe in God and take in part away the scientific procedures, such as ovulation tracking and so on. I started to take Folic Acid as soon as we got married, and not too long ago he said I should try one month without taking them and see also if the reason why , is any specific substance included in this pills, besides the vitamin. I don't think there's anything wrong about them, but , we'll see. you're all right. He says that to me too. To be patient. About the stress thing, I watched a doc_mentery not too long ago about a couple who went through in-vitro, and, the woman said that stress was not a negative factor when trying to conceive, at least to her. She said that they traveled to different areas, stayed in hotels, took little vacations during ovulation days, no stress at all, and never got pregnant. However, when I watch other doc_mentaries, they talk about how the Follicule stimulating Hormone and the Lutenizing Hormone are released from the brain in order to promote a healthy reproductive system, and that's why we should keep a healthy brain. No stress. etc. Also. I had weird cycles this time. I was always regular. 28-32 days. As soon as I got married, my husband said my system would change 'cause we're living together, bla, bla. So, I got my period on 1/6/31. Then, I got married 2 days later. Then, I got it again on 2/3/05. Exactly 28 days. Ans then, March 14. I was getting excited, I even took 2 tests, of course, they were negative. But when I got it, he said, that my system was going to change, plus, the stress, and thinking too much about it. Means, that I have no idea when my ovulation day will be. My be if I add 28 plus the days on my last cycle, and if I take an average number, it might work. But, I would be releasing and egg 14 days before I get my period, so it just got a little complicated. About the temperature thing, does it really work? What if I might get confused by the temperature variations do to a fever cause by a cold, or anything? The body usually gets really warm, if I get fever, of course. I've heard about checking the cervix, its mucus. I checked it last night, it was whitish. 2 days ago, I also started putting pillows under my hips to produce the s____n flow down easier. Also, I stay like that 20 minutes. But I saw in an infertility doc_mentary, that sometimes that little mucus is way too thick in order to even let the sperm go farther than that level. You're right too, it's when you least expect it. So, I'll see what happens. I know one of this days I'll just get tired of thinking and waiting so much for it. Godwilling, it will happen. Please, I'd like to hear some more of your answers. Take care!


Jbear - April 3

The first time I got pregnant was after three years of unprotected s_x with my husband. The second time was after another two years. As far as worrying that "old sperm" inside of you will reduce the sperm count, it won't. Having s_x very frequently lowers the sperm count in the man's ejaculate, which means that less sperm comes out of him. If you're trying to conceive, most books recommend having s_x every other day, so that the supply of sperm in the man's body is replenished. You can usually tell when you're ovulating because you will have a thick, clear v____al discharge, with a texture similar to egg white. Also, don't get up and go to the bathroom right after s_x. Lie down for a while and let the sperm get where it's going. (Sounds weird, but the two times I got pregnant were the only times I didn't get up right after s_x and clean myself up.) Good luck, and don't worry yet, it's way too soon to worry that you might have a problem with infertility.



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