How Long Should You Wait To Have Another One

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Skyfeather - May 20

Not to sure if this is the right category to ask this question. What do ya'll think is the right amount of time to have between children? My husband has a daughter who just turned one recently and together we just had a daughter that turned one month old. So there called "Irish Twins" sort of. We would like to have more children in the future. He believes five years is the right amount of time and I say 3-5 years. My closest sibling is 5 years diff with me and we were not close at all. My other siblings were 9 to 15 years apart from me and none of us were close. The opposite for my hubby- he is 21 and next brother is 38 and the oldest is in his fifties and he was close with a few of them. What is everyones opinion on the best age spacing>?


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 20

My daughter just turned 3 last week. My son will be 17 months next week, and I am 4 months pregnant. About 2--22 months between each baby. We planned it this way. I want my kids to be close, and they are. They are also instant playmates, and it's great! Wouldn't have it any other way. :o)


tiffani - May 20

Sorry, that should say 20-22 months apart. :o)


Lilly - May 20

I have a 10 yr old and a 5mo old. I wish I did not wait this long, my oldest pretty much was a only child for a long time and I feel he would have really enjoyed a sybling closer to him, he is a great big brother but i think we will look for #3 around Dec. so they will be 1yr 9mo apart if all goes well. I grew up with my sister 1yr. 9mo apart and it was great! I always had someone to play/fight with LOL!!! Good luck!


Lissi - May 20

I want to try again after a year. They say it's best to wait a year, to let your body recover. I want my kids to be close, even though I know it'll be hard work. Also, my age is a factor so I want to give myself every chance to have another baby before it's too late. I worry that I'll have trouble conceiving a second child. I know a couple of women who had no trouble getting pregnant with the first one but then spent a couple of years trying to conceive another. If time was on my side, I'd probably leave it 2 years though, just to try and get one out of diapers before the next one arrives.


monica - May 20

everyone is different but for me 3-4 years is good.


Julie - May 20

My son will be 3 next month and I am 19 weeks pregnant with another son so they will be about 3 years apart I think it is perfect because my son is already potty trained and loves to help.


Stephanie - May 20

My daughter will be 7 in July, my stepdaughter will be 7 in October, and we are ttc right now. I would have liked to have them closer in age, but things did not work out that way.



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