How Long To Dialate Fully If Already 1 1 2 Cm

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tanja - October 11

I went to the doctors this morning and he said I was 1 1/2 cm dialated. I have had some realy bad stop me in my tracks contractions but they are not regular. Could this go on for days or what?


dawn - October 11

Hi Im 38w and 5d. I have been checked twice since Sept 30th. I was a fingertip and was checked again on 7th and was still a fingertip. So You can stay at one cm a long time or jump right up, depending on your body. I will have appt again tom and get checked again. I will let you know. Also as for contractions, I HAVE HAD NONE!!!!!!!!


tanja - October 11

thank you for answering i'll be 39 weeks in 3 days. i hope it starts and ends quickly for both of us good luck


To Tanja - October 11

I will be 39 wks in 3 days also. I do not know when I conceived due due irregular cycles, Do you know when you got pregnant??


Jessica - October 11



d - October 11

you can be like that for a while


Bump - October 12



Jenn - October 12

It all depends I was put at bed rest for a month at 30 weeks because i was 2cm I went to 39 weeks and had 45 hrs of labour it just depends on your body all the best


rooha - October 25

i really need help on this one am 39 weeks due on the 28oct i was 1 cm 4 weeks ago having strong contraction then they suddenly stopped but i have they are there i had the show 3weeks ago but am still here i think i might go over my due date too i can't take it any more i don't want to be induced i hear its painful,i don't understand the period cramps,bloating upset stomach and the contractions,my midwife thinks its coz i don't rest enough but i don't believ that as i feel more restless an unconfortable when am resting


h - October 25

with my first I was at 1 cm starting at 37 weeks. I went into labor on my due date (40 weeks) and was still 1 cm at 230 am. At 530 i was 9 cm and my daughter was born at 547 am according to her bc. so you never know!



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