How Long To Get Pregnant After Depo

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idkmybfflindz - November 3

Ladies, we're all different:) I was on the shot for 2 years then went off for a year (got my period back within the next month after stopping my shot and going on the pill). After being off for a year I went back on the depo shot and have been on it since (3 years now). I haven't experienced any complications besides weight gain, and I'm not worried about being able to get pregnant when I want to. I'm 25 and have been on the shot since I was 18, so perhaps it depends a lot on the age of the woman that is getting the shot! :) Good luck to all of you that are attempting to currently become pregnant.


chosen one - January 22

hi, i have had four shot of depo with breaks and just recently got off depo in april, last shot in jan 09..i have my period my but im not sure if im ovulating or not. when i was 15 years old i had my appendix removed. im trying to get pregnant but think i can't due to appendix and depo.. i am having my period every month am i able to get pregnant????please somebody help me out!!!


Jessx - January 23

I was due my next shot 26th Aug 2010, didnt go because my partner and me want a baby. So my last shot was 17th June. As i have epilepsy I had to get my shot every 10 weeks instead of every 12 weeks like most people. My body never got used to the shot, i was on my period most days and when i was of it would only be for 3-4days tops! .. I kept telling my doc and she just kept saying it would get better, it was my body adjusting. After about the 3rd shot i was thinking, its not going to get better but because of my epilepsy I couldnt be on anything else so stuck to it. I had been on it for just over a year and still no better, but my partner and I had been talking about trying anyway. We have been trying now since my shot was due so a few days under 5months. I was wondering what I could do to help? as i have read lots about it taking 6months-18months to be able to conseve and i was un aware of this at all when i went on the shot, I was only told about weight and about my period stopping or becoming regular. Now i am worried I wont ever be able to be a mummy and it is getting to me quite alot. can anyone help? :(


Jaimee - January 23

Hey I was on depo before i was pregnant. Within 3months i had my period and it was normal i wanted to wait and give my body a chance to completely return to normal as i never bled while i was on it. I was pregnant straight away when i decide to try. I had been on depo for 3years. But unfortunatly i miscarried. I dnt blame the depo these things happen. When i ovulate i getting crampin before it a little like period pain. Thats how i no.


kissofdeath24 - May 5

well i got on depho dec 5 2010 and was supposed to recive another one feb 25 2011 aNd didnt go back{ttc} i spotted the next month after i didnt get that shot (spotted for 20 mins ) and the next moth which was april 2011 i had a period on the 14th and only lasted 3day and then turned around and had another period that same month on the 26th im never getting back on remind u while i was on this i was having major preganacy sym {vommiting..itchy nipples they even itch on the inside...milk discharge from the b___st...craving for doughnuts...sleepy all the time and tired}i took so many prego test all were negative even various trip to the doc still negative im a slim pettie girl my stomach had end got biggg sadly to say it was all in my head its may 5 2011 still no baby and we alway have unprotected s_x and he releases in me all the time im just confused what going on..well let see what happends this month {only one shot & got my period back and still not prego}i mean i havwe two kids so i know its not us..:/


HeatherG10 - June 14

Hi. I too was on depo. I was on it for almost 7 years. My last shot was due in January this year but I didnt get it. So my last shot was given in October 2010. I have had two periods (May). My cycle is about 26 days. Husband and I would love to have a baby together (as we each have a child(ren) from previous). Nothing yet. I am worried that I was on it too long and it has done its damage. I am 32 so this probably factors in as well. I never had problems for my other children (was on pill). Pretty fertile but now I am freaking out. )-: I read all these other posts and its sad that so many of us are having the same difficulties. Best wishes to everyone out there.


[email protected] - July 1

PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE ON THE DEPO OR HAVE COME OFF AND ARE WORRIED. SORRY IT'S LONG BUT IT MAY HELP! Hi, i have just read your posts and i have been having the same problem. I have been reading a lot about this shot (depo) on other sites and forums and they all pretty much say the same or similar and that is that it can take up to six months before you actually get your first period after taking your last shot (for some women it is sooner or a bit later) and it can take up to at least 10 months before you ovulate again (and again for some women it can be sooner or later, it just depends on your body). I was on the depo injection for a year. My last one was October 2010 but was meant to go back in Decemeber but i decided not to because i wasn't having any bleeding whilst on the injection and thought that it can't be good for my body expesically that i knew i wanted to have more children in the future ( i have one little girl who is 4 and i am only 23). In January 2011 i had brownish spotting (very light spotting) for 8 days and i thought great my body is getting back to normal! BUT for 6 months my period was just brown light spotting and was very irregular, long cycles inbetween bleeding. It was a very stressful and upsetting time because i started to think that it would take months and probably years for my body to get back to normal again. Whilst having this i also got signs and symptons of pregnancy ( very sore nipples, feeling sick, tired all the time, feeling dizzing, headaches, feeling bloated, b___bs feeling heavy and lower backache) and i took many tests and they all came out negative but already having a baby i really did think i was pregnant but i wasn't. I have read so many comments in forums where lots of women (hundreds) have had the same symptons and thinking they are pregnant when i think it could be a hormonal disbalance from the depo and your body trying to get back to normal. I told my nurse about this because i wanted to go on the pill to try and regulate my periods but when i told her about my irregular periods she got concerned and she wanted me to see my doctor and i had to go to all kinds of tests; a pregnancy test ( to see if i as having a etopic pregnancy) cylmedia and a internal scan which wasnt pleasant and really stressed me out and worried me sick. It is now 1st of July 2011, my tests came back clear and i have only just started to get a normal colour period and normal flow and that is 7 months after my last injection was due. Although they are still irregular ( i started and had a normal period for 6 days then stopped for five days and then come again) i am finally thinking positive for having a baby in the near future. My advice to all women out there is, once stopped the Depo keep a diary of any periods you have or even if they are just symptons of coming on and any other symptons ie: pregnacy.Note everything!! Don't go on any other form of conception let your body get back to normal (because i have also read about a couple of ladys that went on other things like the pill and it just made the process longer, your body needs time to recover from this injection) and if you know of anyone that is thinking about going on this injection and they want more children in the future try and tell them not to go on it. I would also advise that you should see your doctor, take the tests i did so your mind is clear and hopefully in a few months you will start getting your period back. Please try not to worry, i know it is easier said than done. Email me back if you have any questions. I wish i had someone to talk to when i'd been going through all this that had been through the same. I am despirate for another baby but i have had to try my best to try not to think about it for now until i know my periods regulate a little bit more. Good luck for the future and please email me back even if you just want a chat about it all kerry xx


KeKe - July 3

Ive only taken the shot once and never went back. does any one know how long it will take for me to get pregnant?


Momma78 - July 7

I am 33 yrs old I've been on depo nonstop since I was 15 i have decided to have a baby with my husband I'm really scared now because I'm afraid I waited too long and I wont be able to get pregnant I was wondering if anyone had been on the shot that long and how soon was they able to conceive


Momma78 - July 7

Is there any medication or something I can do to make my chances of getting pregnant faster after 18yrs of being on depo please let me know


Wanting2beAmommy - July 10

I started depo in September of 2008, I took it until March 2009. Then once I was suppose to go back for my next shot I told my doctor I wanted to switch to a pill so I could get my period back and regulated. I took the pill only until July and completely stopped because at this time me and my husband both wanted to try for a baby. I never had a single period until three months ago (April 2011). I'm afraid Depo ruined my chances of having a baby. I even went to the doctor and told her about my periods and she said if you want to regulate them you'll have to take birthcontrol, problem with that is I dont wanna "control" my birth anymore I am dying to have my first precious baby! Someone please give me some advice or something that will be mood lifting because at this point my heart is just sunk with sadness! ):


Lovely_92 - July 20

Ok everyones body reacts to depo differently if you notice on here no ones experience with it is the same. I was told by my nurse it would take a year to get a regular period. I was on depo for 4 years. My last shot was oct. 13 2010. So it ran out in january. Af showed up about 4 months later and was immedatly regular i have been having a 28 day . Ladies be patient it will come to you.


jo1988 - July 27

hi all ive read most of these comments and ehat concerns me is why doctos or whoever is giving you the depo has let you all stay on it for so long i was told hen i first went on it NOT to be on it longer than 3years if i wanted children as there was a chance it would make you infertile. i was on it for 3year and did not go for it when it was due in the november 08, however i went on the pill which i was not too good at remembering to take it my periods were not regular and i fell pregnant in january 09. i went back on the depo when my LO was 6months and i was due it in june 11 but i did not go for it after reading these im glad i didnt and i do get that feeling of been pregnant but every test with me has been negative too. but im hopeful that it shouldnt be too long. i wish everyone luck and i also think you shouold question your GPs about why they allowed you to be on it for over 3years.


babygirl39 - July 28

I was on the depo for 1yr back in 2010.I just got back on the depo like this month.I have to go back some were between sept-oct. well now we are wanting a baby..If I dont go back to get the shot,well I be able to come out pregnant will fast?


jo1988 - July 28

id s it still depends on your body. dont get your hope up on getting pregnant straight away. but personally i wouldnt think it should be too long but thats only my personal opinion.


jo1988 - July 28

id say it still depends on your body. dont get your hope up on getting pregnant straight away. but personally i wouldnt think it should be too long but thats only my personal opinion.



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