How Long To Get Pregnant After Depo

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lktmj05 - January 14

Lucky you :) Im still trying after getting off 7 months ago. I use to be so so fertile I have three kiddos already just want one more my youngest is 5.


CyrusMommy - January 18

Well, AF is due in 2 days, and took an First Response Early Result (FRER) pregnancy test today, to find it negative again. =( I guess we will try again next month and hope for a positive! DEPO is aweful and I wish I had never went back to it. Even only with 2 shots, it's taking forever to get pregnant again, and like you, i was so fertile! I got pregnant while ON the pill, which is why I went to the shot... huge mistake! I'll keep updating so you all can have an idea how long it took me to get pregnant again! *Baby Dust to everyone TTC!*


PrayingForTheBest - March 6

I only had 2 shots too and that was the worst mistake ever , i thought this wasnt gonna affect me too bad, but i thought wrong. im just trying to get pregnant i have no kids and me & my boyfriend are ready . This is such a drag.


AmaliaRose22 - April 17

I starting taking depo in 2011 and I have been off of depo for four months. I am trying to conceive and I am a little worried because I was unaware of the side effects that are being mentioned here. Any advice??


Grandpa Viv - April 17

Amalia, don't begin to worry until you have been off for six months and don't get seriously worried until you have been off a year. At that time a fertility consult would be in order.


Chrissy85 - April 17

I stopped taking DEPO MARCH 2012. Finally got a period June 9 2012. had been very regular since then. I went to see my dr in Jan 2013. to get him to fill out papers for school. I had mentioned i had a very light barely there period in dec, he asked if i was pregnant, and we did blood work. at the time i thought i wasnt and was planning to go to school. And WELL im Due Aug 23. :) So it really does depend on ur body.


AmaliaRose22 - April 17

In total, it has been a year. I have been off of depo for 8 months and I have been trying to conceive for four months so im worried plus a lot of the problems being mentioned here i was unaware of so should I be worried??


kelson80 - April 20

The depo was the worse decision of my life. I was on it for 10 yrs from aged 19 til 29. It took me 2 and half years to get my period back but when it finally came, I was fertile straight away. Had to go on the pill as I had just started a new relationship, but came off 3 months ago and just found out I'm pregnant. I feel for everyone trying who has been on the depo because it lost me a wonderful relationship with the strain of trying.


AmaliaRose22 - April 20

My fiance thinks that it could be fertility issues because my period is incredibly irregular. In april of last year my period did not come so i wasnt worried because that was a side effect i was already aware of but then may through july i didnt get a period either and when it came in august i was relieved even though it was shorter than usual. I didnt have a period after november of last year and I have yet to have one this year. I am worried that I can not get pregnant. Should I call my fertility specialist or should i just let nature run its course? I know that every woman is different but I just wanna be safe and weigh my options just in case.


CyrusMommy - April 22

Well, found out two days ago I am finally pregnant! =) We have been trying since September 2012 and it finally happened! My last depo was June 2012, so it is just a few months shy of a year. And I only had two depo shots total. So don't give up hope, it will happen! =) Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - April 22

Amalia, if you are still young you have plenty of time for things to straighten out. Keep in good shape, exercise and eat well. Maybe the first step would be to check for PCOS. You could also do some temperature charting to convince yourself you are ovulating (google BBT fertility).


avant2013 - April 30

i got my depo shot on dec 3rd 2012 and was due for my next shot between feb 27-march 3rd 2013 i didnt go back...the first month i didnt bleed at all it was great for me but the nxt month i bleed for a normal week and stopped the third month i started again and now im off and on (mostly on) my period and still on till this day sometimes itll look like im just starting then other days it will be reallyyy heavy and others it will be dead blood but heavy. i wana have a baby and im starting the pill to see if it regulates my period (praying it does) but i would not recommend depo to anyone it worked for me NOT to get prego but being on my period for a month and a half straight and we are going on a new month WTF now im worried i wont ever get prego "/ HOPEFULLY the pill will regulate it...ill touch base if it does!! "tootles"


jasmine10 - May 11

i have had the coil in for 9 yrs but was having problems and changed to depo, only got 2 injections and decided to try for a baby but havent had period in 6 mth, im 34 amd my partner 38, we both worried as we that little bit older , i went to docter to ask about period and he was cool out and said nothing to worry about come back in 6 mth , i asked if i had come off coil and tried get pregnant would i have this problem , he said no, i was mad nobody said anything to me, i presumed because it a 3 mth injection, now it could take up to 2 yrs, my mother in law very sick & we were hopin she would c her new grandchild by end of year :(


Mommyof1workingon2 - May 17

I took my last (and first in a few years) depo shot in May 2012, and I got married in December 2012. Since I knew we would be getting married and trying for a baby rather soon (I have a daughter from a previous relationship who is going on 7), so I didn't take another shot after May. My periods were terrible for most of the time since then. I went a couple months only spotting, then one with none, then several months of heavy bleeding every two weeks for a couple days, then for a few days, and finally, as of April, I had a regular period, a regular cycle, and am not finishing my second period, right on time. I am hoping this means I an fertile again, and we are praying to be pregnant very soon, as it has been (FINALLY) a year since the shot. Anyone know if my periods coming back means I am definitely fertile? Also, the last 2 months ( this one and April), I have been having this very thick, clear, blobby like substance when I wipe about 2 weeks before my period or so. Does this mean I have already ovulated for the month and I should be aiming for a day or two before this, or is this when I am most fertile, OR is this another part of the lovely side effects of this stupid form of birth control? Please help!


Mommyof1workingon2 - May 17

I meant am now finishing my second period, sorry


tanyabottcher - April 7

I still cnt fall pregnant. Its was a stuipet mistake to go on the pill nd the injection now I am struggle to fall pregnant I was off the injection for 3 years thank u who kan help me with my promblem thanks u very much who will help me GOD bless mwa



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