How Long To Get Pregnant After Depo

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Angie - March 27

i have more of a question, the last time i got the depo shot was August 9, 2004 now its March 26, 2005, and i've been trying to get pregnant, at times i feel sick, and ive even thrown up, but the times i took a pregnancy test it said that i wasnt, now what i want to know is how can i get pregnant? ive tried and tried still nothing, what do all of you women who have and are going through this sugest? Please give me answers. Thank You


Taren - March 28

I was on the depo before and i got pregnant 9 months later. This time i got pregnant only 3 months after so theres so hope for you even though it wasnt a good thing for me.


Tammy - April 5

It took me 1 yr to get pregnant with my 1st son after using depo


Tammy - April 5

It took me 1 yr to get pregnant with my 1st son after using depo for a yr, I am trying to have another one, And i only took the shot once in november of 03


C - April 5

As far as how long does it take .. well i was on it for a whole year and then i stopped and then got pregnant with my son after 1year.After having my son i soon got back on the shot and ive been on it for lets see what happens when i try again for baby number 2 but i honestly think it depends on your body.


grandma - April 5

well baby, if it in god willing for you to have a baby while on depo it will happen. but baby it normally take up to 1yr before you can conceive again. so give it time to get out of you system then think about having a baby than.


Tia - April 14

i've been on the depo for about 3 years now i didnt get my last shot because something went wrong in my family and that was about 3 months ago now im having c___ps for a week straight and then i started bleeding i dont know if its my period or not but should i got get a pregnancy test?


Shayla - April 26

Is there anyway you could have been pregnant when you took the shot?


angel - April 29

I was on the depo for 3 years. when i was suppose to be due for my next shot i decided to get on to ortho evra patch. after going through 3 weeks of the patch then one week off; just like the pill; i started my period. i too am trying to get pregnant and hope it will be soon! iv'e gotten off the patch now and have had my second period already so i feel it depends on how your body reacts to the depo while your still on it. the 3 years i was on the depo my periods pretty much stopped. i did get some spotting a week before my next shot was due like clock work. i wouldn't recommend the shot to any one either but i have high hopes that i'll get prgnant soon since i started my period so soon after getting off. good luck to everyone and pa__s the word around that the shot is no good!


Jaimee - May 1

I took the depo in Jan 05 and i'm due for the next shot sometime this month (apirl 05), before the depo i was on the implant, so roughly in the last 3 and a half years i haven't had a period. For some reason i think i may be pregnant and i what i'm wondering can it happen so soon? I already have a child, so i know kinda now what the symptoms would be, though i'm afraid to get a pregnancy test done. I would love another child, but i have recently broken up with my partner and he would freak!


shaun - May 2

it took me 18 months and i only took the shot one time


babylove - May 5

Can you get pregnant if you miss your shot for 3 weeks?


Carolyn - May 5

It totally depends on your body and how fertile you are. I was on depo for 6 years. I loved it no period and no accidental pregnancies. I stopped depo because my mother kept telling me that it can make you sterile and I figured that 6 yrs is a long time to be on any drug so i quit. My last shot was in July 04 and I got pregnant Jan 05.


Michelle - May 25

I have been off depo for about 24 months now. I got my period right on scheduel right away. I had it for 2 months then it stopped. I have had it 2 times since then but I never know it I am going to get it or not. WHat can I do to get it regularly or is it just the waiting game. It just seems soooo long.


mom2be - May 25

when i made the decision to get off depo, i was nearly heartbroken, hearing all of the terrible stories about conception after the shot.. but I HAVE AN ENCOURAGING story. :) my last shot was due mid december.. i got my first period in february and luckily i continued with regular 28 day cycles. my last period was april 8th. SO.. after only FOUR MONTHS, i got pregnant. :) GOOD LUCK TO YOU! It doesn't always take forever. *baby dust* BTW.. we started trying in February. i STOPPED worrying about it at the end of march.. and next thing i know, i'm pregnant! i think that has a lot to do with it.


eve - May 25

well this kind of an update; I took my first and only depo shot in sept 04 and did not get another one. According to the Dr records I was to go back and get the second one in late Nov 2004 but like I said I didn't get another one. I just got my period back a few weeks ago(the first week of May05) I did have spotting here and there during the 6 months. So it took me 6 months to get my period back !! Still working on the baby part. I will keep you guys updated



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