How Long To Get Pregnant After Depo

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eve - May 25

well this kind of an update; I took my first and only depo shot in sept 04 and did not get another one. According to the Dr records I was to go back and get the second one in late Nov 2004 but like I said I didn't get another one. I just got my period back a few weeks ago(the first week of May05) I did have spotting here and there during the 6 months. So it took me 6 months to get my period back !! Still working on the baby part. I will keep you guys updated


Christy - May 26

I am sorry but my response is not encouraging. I was on the depo for 4 yrs and on the pill for 5 or 6 mo. and have been off for about 2 or more yrs. I finally got preg, in dec 04 and miscarried in Jan. 05. They say the shot can take upto 18 mo. to get out of your system. Every one is diff. Some have their success stories and some don't. It all depends on your body i guess. Rite now i am trying to track when i ovulate and have been for about 4 months, nothing. Good luck!


Elle - May 26

I feel pregnant one month after i was due for the depo, it wasn't planned, as i thought i would be safe as it takes people a long time after wards to fall pregnant. So ladies it can happen


Taineel - May 30

Hello All, I have great news to share. I am PREGNANT!!! I was on depo for over six years and- we started trying in Jan. (as stated in my original post on Jan.17) I became pregnant on th second week of April. I am really excited! Thank you for all the support. Good luck to all.


Waitangi - May 30

Congrats Taineel, thats fantastic....good luck!


Evie - May 30

Congrats !!!!! Taineel. So glad to hear you are pregnant.


jamie - June 3

How long does it normally take to get pregnant after stopping the pill?


nikki - June 13

I was the depo for 4 yrs and it took a while to get my frist period. Me and my boyfriend have s_x without any protection and one time we thought it was close and i did'nt get pregnant. So good luck to all of you and god know when the time is right


mcm - June 20

I was on depo for about a year and 1/2 . I stopped getting the shot we wanted another child after two healthy babies prior to the depo. It actually took me about two years to actually become pregnant. When I did I had multiple misscarriages and now I am having a healthy pregnancy,so we'll see..I hope GOD blesses you. I truly believe that stuff is poison!!


Samantha - June 21

I think that it depends on your body. I was on the depo for 2 years. my last shot was in aug 04 i an now 6 months preg (june 05) so it took me a whole of 5 months to get preg. I missed one shot and then boom it happened.


Jean - June 28

I have been off the depo for 2 in a half years now. My husband and I have been trying for only two months now, but it feels like forever though. I just hope it happens soon, your youngest is 5 in a half now thats getting to long between I think


rachy - June 29

hey i was on the depo for 3 months i came off it last june then i have been trying for 1 year this month i only just started ovulating but my periods came back in january so it all depends just dont choose the depo if you want to ever have children it makes it so hard. i ovulated yesterday i know coz i had a pain for 3 days to the side of my pelvis and its just starting to go now im hoping my egg has been fertilized as we speak its so hard not knowing at all


rachy - June 29

sometimes if you have your periods it doesnt mean youre fertile i wasnt for 6 months


Evie - June 29

I was on the depo for 3 months also and it has been (Dec)8 months since then. I got period back in April. We have been trying and nothing as usual


nikki - June 29

It might take some time , god only knows,i would just keep trying!!! Good luck!!


Chelsea - June 30

I have been on depo for amost 4 1/2 yrs. Now that I am married, I really want a baby. My husband said to wait until we are more stable. We recently agreed that I will not get my shot when I am due in August 05. However, I have heard so many stories about not being able to conceive after depo. From what I see, the longer you take it, the longer it takes to become pregnant. This motherly urge of mine becomes stronger by the day and I a becoming depressed over this. Is there any way to shorten the wait after this poison leaves my body????



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