How Long To Get Pregnant After Depo

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Enedina - September 12

Ladies hope this helps, This is right out of the Depo booklet: Based on the results from a large study done in the United States, of those women who stop using Depo in order to become prenant, about half of those who become pregnant do so in about 10 months after their last injection; about two-thirds of those who become pregnant do so in about 12 months, and about 83% of those who become pregnant do so in about 15 months, and about 93% of those who become pregnant do so in about 18 months after thir last injection. The length of time you use depo has no affect on how long it takes you to become pregnant after you stop using it.


brina - September 12

9 months ago i had only one shot . and just last week on the day i am exspected to ovalate i had s_x my husband pulled out but hadn't cam yet and he had this discharge on his p___s from my v____a it didn't have a foul smell or anything so i figured it was just that i was ovalating. i think i might be pregnant but it's to soon to tell even though for the past couple of weeks i have had alot of changes in my appet_te,sore b___st, and feeling extremely tired everyday i even don't want to have s_x all the time anymore. can someone tell me what might be happening to me.


geri - September 12

well, not personally but my girlfriend had no problems getting pregnant after stopping the shot


tanisha - September 14

i have been on the shot for one year and a half now i want to get of because my boyfriend and i got to a place where we can afford to have the baby we both always wanted i am due for my next shot next month and not gonna go get it. my question is how long after being on the shot can i get pregnant we want to get married and start a family as soon as possible


danitinker - September 14

i was on depo for 2 yrs and im 5 wk prgo now i have bin off it 9 mnth-10mnt bt my step mum gt pregnant whilst on it! x


Lacey - September 14

I got pregnant right away.


Stacey - September 15

I don't have an answer but a question if someone can help. I want to get pregnant and I am just getting off the shot is something i can do to speed this along. Like a pill or something?


STEVE - September 19

Is it very likely to get pregnent three weeks after you have your period?


amy - September 19

i was on the shot for 11years and i was still on it when they told me that i was pregnant that was in april of this year i was already 13wks and i had no idea now i am 37wks and counting down my baby is a little small for her fetal age but im not worrying about that to much as long as she is healthy.. I do belive that everyone taking this shot should get off i really think that our problems are gong to get worse as we get older.. i just hope that you are able to get pregnant ginger good luck to all of you


Stacey - September 19

I have another question? I'm on a Anti depression pill and on the depo shot. Can the pill interrupt the depo?


minda - September 21

i was on depo for 9 months and my last depo was in april. i didnt take my next shot and i immediately got my period after the 3rd month. but the following month, i didnt get my period but ive been s_xually active with my partner. i took a pregnancy test but it was negative. were trying to have a baby, but im confuse because ive gottten my period before? how long will this take?


sonya - September 27

i was on the depo shot for 8 years. i was told by me Dr. that when i was ready to have a baby all i would have to do was stop taking the shot. NOT TRUE!!! i have been try for 14 months and still no baby. my new Dr. told me that i may never have kids because of the shot. so if you know any one on the depo shot tell them to get off of it. best of luck getting pregnant sonya


lou - September 27

im luky cos i strted my period on the day i wa due on so id wait til ya red flag comes n in da 1st wek afta finishin ya sorted


M - September 27

Hi I was also on Depo for about 3 years, and it took my husband and I about 8 months to get pregnant. My doctor told us to not be surprised if it took at least a year because we had to get my body first of all to ovulate again, but also to get itself on a cycle. Hope this helps.


Enedina - September 30

M- You say it took you 8 months to get pregnant. You mean 8 months from the last shot you had or 8 months from when your next shot was due? Thanks.


Liz - October 4

I think I'm the exception. I actually got pregnant a few days after my Depo shot was due. I've been on the Depo shot for three years. It was due August 24th and in mid September I found out I was pregnant.



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