How Long Until You Quot Show Quot

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Still Thin - February 17

I am naturally very thin with a flat stomach. About when will I start to show? I am so excited that I can't wait to show off my pregnancy belly!


to still thin - February 17

how far along are you?


Coco - February 17

It depends, really.I am 5''7and slim too and for my 1st preg. i didn't show until 4-5 mths, and for my 2nd, worse, until 6 mths, but even at 9 mths i looked 6 mths.And for my 2nd preg. He was born @ 31 1/2 weeks and looked 5 mths at the end !


Still Thin - February 17

I am only about 8 weeks but I can't wait to get past this first trimester (morning sickness = no fun!) and enjoy my new body....I am about 5'5 and pre-preg about 119 lbs but I go to the gym alot so I am muscular (but not scary bulky, very lean) so I am thinking it may take me a little longer to show...but I don't know. Thanks for the input Coco....god bless you and your babies....


Hi Still Thin - February 17

I am now 25 weeks and I didn't start showing until I was around 4 mnths. Currently 7 mths I look huge! Congrats and good luck.


~e~ - February 17

I am very small and have a short torso, I started getting a belly when I was ony about 8 weeks, nobody could tell, but I could not b___ton my pants! I am 14 weeks and I finally got into some maternity pants. It is funny because they are so big around my legs, but etc, but my belly is so comfortable


KM - February 17

I didn't show till 5 mnths. I started to pop a tiny bit at 4. (1st pregnancy) I could still wear my normal jeans up until about 6 mnths.every woman is different and every pregnancy is unique


sj - February 18

On my first pregnancy i didn't show till 5-6 mths then this bump appeared from no where. this is my 2nd pregnancy and i am 8 weeks and already have a bit of a bump although a small one. guess it is different for everyone.


Coco - February 18

hey, still thin, no problem ! God bless ur baby too !( LOL my babies are actually 8& 4, i guess they will always be my "babies " )


Still thin - February 18

Hey Coco - my mom was 42 when my grandmother pa__sed away - she was still her baby! Some things never change!!



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