How Many Diapers Nappies Will I Need To Take To Hospital

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Lissi - May 13

I know it's too early, as I am only 24 weeks, but I'm in the mood for sorting things out and I'm preparing my baby's things for our stay in hospital. I have everything I need, but I have no idea how many nappies a newborn is likely to go through in the first few days. I've been told my stay in hospital will be 3 days maximum if everything is normal. So, can some of you more experienced moms please help me out? Thanks. :)


chel - May 13

You won't need to take any. The hospital provides diapers and anything else baby needs while you are there. Things you might want to take for baby are: outfit for first picture, going home outfit, nail clippers (sometimes their nails are really long at birth).


Lissi - May 13

Thanks Chel but my hospital doesn't provide diapers. I have to take my own. Can anyone please help me?


Jen - May 13

I would bring one package.


nhb - May 13

That's weird--my hospital provided them too. I'd guess probably about every hour and a half you should plan to need to change him/her . . . I agree, the one pack sounds good, and then will there be anyone who can run out and get some while you're ther?


chel - May 13

Sorry to hear that about your hospital. I've never ever heard of a hospital that didn't provide them. Usually a baby goes through 10-15 diapers a day. However, I agree that you should just bring a whole big package. Also, if the hospital does not provide diapers, you may want to think about other things they may not provide. You'll need a lot of pads and underwear you don't plan to keep afterwords.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 13

Are you absolutley sure your hospital doesn't provide diapers? Did you hear this from a friend or from someone who works at the Maternity Ward in the hosital? What happens if you don't bring your own diapers? It's very odd that they wouldn't provide them. What hospital are you delivering at??? Any how, bring a big pack, in case your baby has an active bladder. Try to find a pack that has 60-75 diapers in it, that should do it. Both of my kids only went through about 8 diapers a day when they were newborns. Not sure what a nappie is. Maybe it's what we call a onesie where I live? If it's clothing, the hospital gives the baby a little shirt to wear( the baby also stays wrapped in a blanket), and the baby will wear it until the day you leave, and then you'll dress the baby in his/her going home outfit. :o)


Lissi - May 13

I should maybe explain that I'll be having my baby in the UK. Whilst our national health service has some good points, they don't have the resources to provide diapers. I'll also have to take my own pads, disposable pants etc. The doctors and drugs are free though, thank god! :) Thanks everyone for the advice. I will just take a whole pack in with me. I had no idea how often they needed changing! That's a bit of a shock. I'm getting really excited about her coming though!


Misty - May 13

It is rather amazing how quickly a newborn will go through diapers. Mine never made it through the night on one diaper. They poop a lot in the beginning. That is a lot of what you will be going through diapers for. At least with mine it was that way anyways. I had to change him at most of his feedings, and those happened a lot.


Kimmy - May 13

Well ladies its not so unbelievable, I live in Toronto, Canada and I will not be provided with diapers or pads either. Thanks for asking the question Lissi, it is good to know how many i should bring with me. :)


amanda.d - May 13

Holy that sucks, my hospital (sask.canada) provides absolutely everything except mom's clothes and underwear.They have sleppers for the babies, diapers, soothers, formula (in case of not b___st feeding), shampoo for mom and baby, slippers and robe for mom's, etc. I couldn't imagine having to haul diapers with me as well.They even send a bag home with you. But yes i would take one bag and some baby wipes too.


Jbear - May 15

My mom said when my sister was born, the hospital charged her $5 for every diaper needed. They also charged $8 for two tylenol for my father. Diapers were provided at the hospital I used. The nurses told me to change my daughter's diaper at every feeding, which was every 2 hours, so I guess we used 12 diapers a day. There's a lot of diapers in the size 1 packs, so one pack should be enough. Unless your baby is really small, you should be able to use size 1's instead of newborn diapers. (Comes out costing about half as much). You should take overnight long maxi pads, if you need to provide your own. The hospital I used provided pads and disposable underwear, but the underpants were one size fits most (but not my big a__s) and the pads would only work with the provided underwear, so I had to send my husband out for pads and extra underpants.


Lissi - May 15

Don't talk to me about a__ses! Mine seems to be growing at a faster rate than my belly! Will need HUGE pants. :-(


P - May 15

I just had my baby in a Toronto suburb hospital. They provided diapers, pads, those weird underwear, wipes, and some other stuff but I got a bill for $20 afterwards which my benefits didn't cover. For a c-section and two days in the hospital my bill was $410 and my insurance covered $390. Glad I have extra insurance through work!! Maybe I'll move to Saskatchewan... I hear university is pretty cheap out there too.


Amber - May 19

what is a nappie? If it is a diaper your hospital will tell you how many to bring if they dont provide them, just call and ask about how many to bring and if you run out someone can always go get you more.



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