How Many Diapers Should I Buy

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Melissa - July 23

for a newborn, Size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , etc ? Give me examples if you can of your experience, please? Up to how many pounds or age per size? (Others can benefit from here too. Thanks!)


lynnstress - July 23

I am putting off pre-buying the smallest sizes, because we don't know how big baby will be when born! My oldest niece never fit in newborn sizes! This is my first baby, so I don't have much other advice on this.


jon e - July 23

I've only bought small ones, I don't want to buy newborn until I know the size of my baby. Maybe I'll buy one pack por the hospital, but that's it


Jbear - July 24

Don't buy a bunch of diapers in advance. You'll want to wait and see how a certain brand works for you before you end up with tons of it. Some brands smell better than others, some run larger (which saves money), some fit some babies well but don't fit others...I would buy a package of size 1 to start with. If your baby is especially small, you can use the newborn diapers, but usually there's 40 newborn diapers or 68 size 1 diapers for the same price. I've always spent about $8-10 a week on diapers. There are more diapers per pack in the smaller sizes, but when they're ready for big sizes, they don't potty as many times a day, so it evens out. The only time diaper expenses will increase sharply is when you start buying pull-ups. This has been my experience: Luvs smell good and work well. White Cloud runs small and leaks sometimes. Pampers and Huggies are both good, but I just couldn't justify the expense. Walmart's brand (dri bottoms, I think) is terrible. Little Tikes brand is awful. I never tried Target brand, but I've heard they're good. The way you know it's time to buy a larger size is when the diapers start leaking all the time.


Roberta - August 1

I know you posted your question a while ago, but not much response. So here is my 2 cents...DON'T STOCK UP! My neighbor swore by Luvs, so I bought 1 pack of newborn and one pack of size 1 to have at home when I returned from the hospital. The Luvs were horrible. They leaked everywhere, even when it was just a small wet. Mostly, it will depend on if you have a boy or girl (they wet different parts of the diaper) and your preference. A friend of mine uses Pampers, but the smell of them when they are wet is GROSS (to me). My son was 9#2oz at birth and I have used Huggies Supreme since the day he was born. They are a little more expensive, but worth it! If you register on the web site they send you good coupons. As far as wipes, I prefer Pampers. They are softer and not as thick as the others...meaning they go a lot further. Good Luck.


ina - August 1

most babies are between 6-10 lbs when they are born, so it's always a safe bet to have a couple packs of size 1 (8-12lbs) on hand. i reccomend pampers because they are cut larger than most diapers and you can always 'tuck and fold' around the belly if baby is a bit too small for them. i would totally skip the newborn diapers. just from my experince, my son started off in size 1, and stayed in them for two or three months before he was in 2's. he was 6lbs 10 oz at birth, and weighed about 16lbs at 3 months. i have never in my life seen a baby start off wearing size 2!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 1

For us we have used everything from Pampers to Luvs to Huggies to Parents Choice. And also for us we have loved them all at one point or another. It just depened on the size Amaya was when she was wearing the diapers. I loved pampers for newborn. The newborn swaddlers are AWESOME!!! Huggies were too hard and stiff for her when she was first born. Once she got in size 1s I really like huggies and parents choice. The parents choice leak really bad if you dont change regularly (like once an hour)I havent ever really liked luvs. They were too tight on her chubby legs. Anyway, what I am saying is I would not stock up on one brand of diapers. Some just dont fit the way they seem to do on comercials! We really like luvs wipes though. It is really just all trial and error as to how you find the right diaper. Good luck!


Katharine - August 1

We just had this dilemma yesterday! We got 2 packs of newborns as gifts and I have a few size 1 left over from my first baby. There was a sale on-line, so we bulk-purchased. We got 768 size 1/2 diapers for $70. They are Huggies and go up to 15 lbs, so hopefully, this should get us well into our third month (a__suming baby isn't allergic to Huggies, or something!). I thought about making a separate purchase of the bigger sizes, but decided it would be a waste. It is too hard to know what bigger size the baby will be wearing then and what his diaper needs will be. For instance, my daughter skipped over size 3 totally (there is some overlap in sizes). When she wore the bigger sizes, she was in day care and they provided diapers, so we were only using 2-3 regular diapers each day. Then, when she started sleeping through the night and eating/drinking more, we had to buy special overnight diapers to avoid leaks. So, even if it will be a little pricier to buy as you go later on, it will probably be well worth it to not overstock something kiddo won't need.



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