How Many Had Healthy Babies

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Dani - October 28

Hi everyone, I've been posting on here for a while now - I am about 5 weeks pregnant and experiencing some wierd stuff!! Light cramping, br___ts sore then not sore etc. I have also noticed there are alot of other women going through the same kind of thing. It gets pretty depressing seeing how many people have miscarried, I was just wondering if any of you had the same symptoms and ended up having a healthy baby?


holly - October 28

i wanted to know the same thing


Concerned - October 28

Anyone? I was also wondering about this..... Is spotting normal too???


elle - October 28

I know i had lite cramping when i was 1st pregnant, hell, i still do. its usually just everything moving in ur stomach n getting ur stomach ready to grow, and my b___st soreness was off and on, but the spotting i dont know about you mite want to get that checked out, either way you should make an apt with an ob/gyn or cnm


Brandy - October 28

I had the cramping and the b___st tender off/on, it is normal throughout your first trimester. I also had some bright red bleeding at 5 weeks. Everything turned out fine for me! My baby girl will be one month on Sunday. I would still call the Dr. though.


To Dani - October 28

Cramping is totally normal as long as it is not severe or with bleeding. Also, my symptoms are constantly coming and going and I am already 24 weeks pregnant with a healthy looking baby (according to the u/s). I have been so anxious that something will go wrong this whole pregnancy (still am at times) and that is also normal. I wish I could tell you to enjoy it but I have been there and know it is hard. But really, what I have learned, is to listen to your gut/intution when it comes to your baby and your body.


Dani - October 28

To Dani: Thank you so much!! It means so much to me to hear that what I'm going through is normal! I've become so hypersensitive that I feel every pain or twinge and I'm on the internet researching it!!!! It is a very exciting/scary time (especially when you are only 5 weeks!!) I don't want to let myself get excited yet (until I see the heartbeat in a few weeks!!) I already feel better reading your responses - Thank you so much!!!


Dani - October 28

Also - thank you elle & Brandy - congrats to both of you!



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