How Many Kept The Sex Of The Baby A Surprise

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Leahp - April 4

Hello!!! My hubby and I are having a hard time deciding whether to keep the s_x of our baby a surprise or find out, my doc plus my parents who couldn't at the time find out the s_x of me said it's the best surpise of your life!!! But I'm dying to know, because of my vivid dreams of a little girl! What do you think??? I only have three weeks to decide!!!


BBK - April 4

Leahp, for the life of me I can't understand why people want to be surprised at birth vs now. Isn't it going to be a surprise no matter when? .... only now it will make it easier to go shopping, so you won't have to have a yellow or green theme for the nursery.... :-))


Hayley - April 4

Hi Leah I personally preferred to find out too. Everyone told me to keep it a surprise but I wanted to know so I could prepare more. Sounds silly but I talk to my baby and refer to him as my little boy, which I think is nice. Whatever you decide, make sure it's your decision. I've had a lot of stress up to now with people trying to influence my decisions on things and my baby isn't even born yet! Good luck x


Jennifer - April 4

My husband and I were also having a hard time deciding whether to find out or not, then we decided that we would, but when we went for the Ultrasound, the baby didn't want to co-operate, so we were unable to find out, and in a way I was kind of happy about it. Since then we have had another ultrasound and we were able to find out, but we decided not to, although it almost killed me to say that we didn't want to know, I am glad that we decided to wait.


D - April 4

I understand completely... my husband and I are having the same discussion. I have always said I want to wait until the birth. I think it has something to do with one of the last big surprises in life - and yes, I feel a difference in knowing prior to the birth vs. at the birth. Guess we're all different! :) My husband is now not sure if he wants to know or not. He says he'll be fine either way... Since I love green, it doesn't bother me to have a green nursery! Plus, I don't plan to do a lot of shopping anyway... I have a big family, and I figure my money will be better spent on whatever I still need after they're done spoiling the baby!


levi - April 4

I jumped at the opportunity of finding out at 20 weeks, i already have 4 girls and expecting again in july. I think its up to you and your partner whether to find out now or at the birth.


Kim - April 4

My husband and I have decided to wait and be surprised. True, it would be a surprise either way but we chose to wait for the big day. My brother did that this year and it made the delivery day that much more exciting for everyone. I also love green and so I've chosen to do the nursery in a sage green color. I figure that there will be so many people that want to buy things after in our family that we will get plenty of blue or pink then. I also know of quite a few people recently that were told the wrong s_x and planned around a girl only to get a boy or vice versa. They also have some great unis_x things out now. It's ultimately your decision, just wanted to offer a different viewpoint.


BBK - April 4

To all those who are willing to wait..... I admire you.... I guess neither I or my wife have that kind of discipline :-))


D - April 4

We'll see on the discipline part... We've not come to the point yet where the doc is doing the u/s and says, "do you want to know?" Plus, I know me. Immediately after my appointment, I will get on the internet and search everyone's u/s pictures to see if I think I can tell what it is. If I have the discipline to not do that, even I'll be impressed!


Samantha B - April 4

We chose to wait for the exact same reason as D-- last big surprise in life. Since I could careless about gender specific colors, it didn't hinder my shopping. Had I a son I would have dressed him in pink too.


D - April 4

I'm with you Samantha B... I'm not real specific on colors either - although I won't deliberately go get pink for a boy! But so what if the carseat is pink? It keeps them safe, and that's the point. (I was a little surprised when I looked into foreign adoption and found out that some orphanages frequently dress the kids in whatever they have... I've seen pictures of cute little boys in pink dresses. But now that I think about it, it makes sense. They are usually on tight budgets... what do you expect them to do?) My SIL is letting me use a bunch of her stuff, so if I have a girl, she'll be around a lot of blue... I get looks like I'm committing treason or something, but I have no intention of decorating a nursery either. Whatever people give us is what goes in there. I have no real theme in mind (although I LOVE those yellow rubber ducks, so I suspect I'll gravitate towards them!) The baby could care less what their room looks like in those early months. As long as there are lots of colors, textures and love, they won't care! I don't think its worth my money to decorate for an infant, when I'd just have to redecorate for a toddler in a short time. I haven't had time to even get to know this little person yet to know what their interests are! Please, nobody get all upset - if you want to decorate, go for it! This is just me...


tara - April 4

I always thought that I would want to know the s_x of the baby as soon as I could but now that I'm pregnant I want to wait until delivery. It's almost like I need that extra bit of distraction from the thought of delivery! Some of my friends found out earlier, and no one regrets finding out or keeping it a suprise. You'll be happy with what ever you decide. ;o)


tara - April 4

I also think it's fun having everyone guess what the s_x is. All those charts and tricks that are out there to tell you what the s_x is is also fun to do during pregnancy - it's been keeping everyone in my family guessing and talking about it.



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