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Prego - September 28

I am 16 weeks how many months am i one person will tell me every four weeks is a month that puts me 4 months someone else told me to count back from my due date (march 15) witch would put me at 5 months at 18 and 1/2 weeks the book i read said i was in my 4 month between 14 and 17 weeks what is the actual answer please help!!!!!!


hi - September 28

you start counting from your last menstrual period.and yes every 4 weeks is a month.pregnancy months are what they call lunar months,basically 4weeks a month.


hi - September 28

sorry i meant to say and yes your 4months along


Jen - September 28

My doctor said they don't tend to count by months because it can get to confusing. You can't count every 4 weeks, because there are more then 4 weeks in a month. Those extra days add up.


A - September 28

The book is right you can't count 4 weeks at a time.


hi - September 28

what in the world are you 2 talking about????do some research,geesh going to confuse the poor girl.a pregnancy goes to 38-40 count by every 4 is anywhere in the books if you read them that it last 10 -4week months.if you 2 are pregnant you really should find out some more info before you dish out the wrong info!!!


prego - September 29



Lara - September 29

Yes (Hi is correct) when you are pregnant, "months" are different then the normal calender months...every 4 weeks is a month, so you are 4 months matter what the fiscal calender says!


Bonnie - September 30

You can count it anyway you want. Pregnancy is 40 weeks. If you go by counting every 4 weeks, then you will need to explain to everyone who asks how far along you are why you will have 10 months in your pregnancy. I find that confuses people. When people ask me how far along I am, I just generally tell them how many weeks. When I count my months I go by the 9 month method as that is what most people understand. (Remember, there are more than 4 weeks in a month. There are 4 weeks plus extra days.) It's really up to you prego how you do it. If you want the technical version the doctors use, then just go by the weeks.


ashlee - October 4

hey well i will be 18 weeks pregnant this saturday so exactly how many months am i because i am totally confused?


karine to:ashley - October 4

Your are 4months/5days (i think) lol


Kathy - October 5

I am 27 weeks into my pregnancy how many months am I?


hi - October 5

divide your weeks by 4 and you'll know how many months you are.18 weeks =4 and 1/2 months.27 weeks =6months and more week then you'd be 7months.


Vania - October 18

You count from the last day of your first Period.



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