How Many Months Should You Be When You Have A Baby Shower

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Tanja - May 6

I'm 16 weeks tomorrow. And was wondering when a good time to have a baby shower would be. Like 7 months or 8 when your big but not too big?


K - May 6

mine was about 6 weeks before due date :)


Tanja - May 6



Maddie - May 6

I just had mine last week, and I'm at 34 weeks. I am having another one at the end of due date is in June. (P.S. I'm having another one for the other side of the family...not cause i'm selfish =)


Tanja - May 6

So i guess the closer to the due date the better eh? Thanks ladies


April - May 6

I'm going to have mine in June... I'm due July 18th


nelly - May 7

i will be about 8 months when i have mine i have to have mine early because my mother-n-law and my mom are throwing it for me together and if i dont have it may 29 i want be able to have one til after my baby is born which is july 25 because my mother-n-law sings in a church group and they are booked every weekend. with my first pregnancy i had my shower the month before i was due.


monica - May 9

I will be 31 weeks when I have mine.


Becky - May 9

It depends on scheduling too... My friend had her's early cause that is when everyone could make it. She was only 5 1/2 months.


Rachel* - May 9

I'm having mine at 27 weeks because that's the only date that both my mom and best friend can make it. I think it is better to be safe than sorry. Don't wait too long, because you might deliver early and won't have time to run around and buy the things you still need before baby arrives. Also, I heard that towards the end you end up feeling worse. Who wants to be uncomfortable for their baby shower?!


Jenn... - May 9

My best friend hosted a shower for me at 28 weeks and some girls from work had one for me at 34 weeks. They were both great but I was way more comfortable and less sweaty at the first!


.. - May 13

i am having mine after the baby is born.


Tanja - May 13

Thanks everyone. I think I'll have mine not so close to my due date because then I'll still be feeling ok, I guess!


Lyssa - May 13

6-8 weeks before due date


lidia - May 14

I will be 34 weeks when I will have my shower sometimes its better to have them a little before your due date because what you dont get at your shower you have time to buy it your self



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