How Many Of You Believe In Abortion

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confused - April 26

hey everyone , my boyfriend and i have a 8mth old baby , and now i fear that i might be pregnant again, but we cannot posibly afford another child right now and we dont know what to do, how many of you believe in abortions and have had one yourselves


mel - April 26

i would never


Lynn - April 26

I can say that now I would never have an abortion. Now that I am pregnant and have seen a little heart beating & am experiencing the miracle, I would never. When I was 17? Who knows. I'd have to be in that position to answer honestly. As far as what I believe in? I believe in all Americans being able to make educated decisions about their lives without interference by the government or groups of people that insist that they know what is right for someone they have never met before. Do what you feel is right for you & your family. You are the only person that has to live with your decision.


jb - April 26

Never. There is no way that I could knowing that there is a little heart beating away. It wouldn't matter how far along I was either.


TX Girrrl - April 26

I do not believe in it.


Sam - April 26

Oh man have you opened a can of worms here! Beware. In asking this question, you will get some very nasty answers. Just warning you. As for my opinion, I know that I, personally, am against it. I believe the baby is a separate being. After all, it has it's own blood type and its own heart beat. I would never even consider it. But does that mean I'm going to chastize every woman who gets an abortion and condemn them to helll? Absolutely not. Whether abortion is right or wrong is between a woman and that/who she answers to for her actions. (Whether it be herself, her family, God, whatever) Any actions will have to be dealt with emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Think it through and decide what you believe. Then do what you feel is right.


Jenb - April 26

I believe that it is an individual choice. Personally, I don't think that I could ever do it or would want to. I honestly think that I would be in pain for the rest of my life over the decision to have an abortion. I do get upset when someone uses abortion as a form of birth control, having several of them without trying to prevent it from happening in the first place. You need to make whatever decision is best for you and your family. I hope you are okay with whatever your decision is.


confused - April 26

thanks for all the imput , so you guys suggest that i should keep it


carol - April 26

you say that you cant afford another baby , have you guys thought about adoption


toes - April 26

confused, you're missing the point of all these posts. Abortion isn't something that can be decided upon by suggestions. If you have enough forethought to ask the question, you should also realize that other people who have either gone through the procedure or had to face it in their lives all deal with it differently but with pretty much the same issues for the rest of their lives. In my first marraige, my wife got pregnant while we were still engaged and I agreed with her to aborting the baby, never having had to really deal with that except as a concept. When I met my current wife, the same thing happened, she got pregnant while we were engaged and when the subject of abortion came up I'd listen to what she had to say and her concerns, but I also knew that if we did it there'd be a child we'd never get to know and raise, and she'd never forgive herself so I stood firm and said I didn't agree with her reasons, but letting her know I would have supported her regardless of what she decided. Right now she's 37 weeks pregnant and convinced the baby hates her simply because she thought of that. No one can answer this for you, you have to decide what you can live with.


sissy - April 26

I am pregnant now and can't really afford to have one. If I waited till then, I would never have one. I believe that everyone has the right to their own decisions regarding their own life, but I would think about adoption before abortion. Just remember that there is all kinds of help out there for struggling families.


monica - April 26

personally I dont believe in abortion. I think pregnancy is a blessing and God will take care of you and you family no matter what.


nicole - April 26

I think you and your partner needs to sit down together and discuss this, and make a decision that benificts the family in the long run


Katharine - April 26

Consider that your financial situation can change, for the positive or negative, at any time. Buying a car is a financial decision, aborting a baby shouldn't be. I think those first years are hard on most families. Have faith, use the benefits the government provides (that your tax dollars have contributed to) and enjoy your blessings.


.............................. - April 26

hey, ive had an abortion a while back, i was at univesity at the time and couldnt possibly have a baby. of course i regret it but at the time it was the best thing to do. just do what you have to do


justdoit - April 26

just have it and get it over with, i dont see what the big deal is anyway


to confused - April 26

ever hear of protection??? You have some nerve using an abortion as a way to get you out of trouble that you should have been responsible enough to keep yourself out of to begin with. How about you get married, and then work on the baby thing....and how about you grow up!



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