How Many Ultrasounds Did You Get

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Well UH!!!! - February 17

I have only had 4 during my whole pregnancy and only twice did the baby look like a baby. I was honestly hoping for more pix of her but my doc says that they will not be taking anymore unless there is a problem. I was looking forward to the next one dammit.


Josie - February 17

I think I'm only getting 3.I'm going for my second one this month.Then they said I'll have another one when I'm in my last month or so...unless there's a problem.


Rachel* - February 17

At my first appt (8 weeks) I asked when I would be getting an ultrasound and my doctor told me that there is no reason to have them so often. He is going to give me one at week 20 unless there is a problem. I was bumbed too. At least I will be able to hear the heart beat at my 12 week appt.


d - February 17

u get 3


Sarah - February 17

I had one at my 1st-9wks since i didnt have my last day of my period , 2nd at 13 weeks b/c we didnt find a heartbeat w. a doppler, so im sure i'll have another to determine the s_x, but since this is my 1st preg, im not sure how many i will get............


LAQUANDA - February 17



KM - February 17

Consider yourself lucky. I only got one. that's all you get where I live because ultrasound time is precious, there are people with serious problems that need an ultrasound. Therefore, only one is done to make sure everything is okay, and to confirm the gestational age of the fetus, unless you have a high risk pregnancy or they suspect there may be problems.


Well Uh Here - February 17

Thanks for the input. I am high risk so I really thought I would get more than three :o( I am just so anxious and I can't wait til I get to see her again. Congrats to all you pregnant ladies.


BigBelly#2 - February 17

For my first pregnancy, I got two. This was only because on the first Dr. visit, they could not find the heartbeat and they wanted to confirm the pregnancy. The second one was done around 20 weeks. For this pregnancy, I only got one- which is standard.......and it was around 20 weeks.



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