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Rhonda - June 28

Hello,my name is Rhonda,i am 5wks today,and i was just wondering how many weeks pregnant every one is?And do you know what you are having?


Gena - June 28

Hello Rhonda, I'm 13 weeks so I haven't been able to find out what I'm having yet. Doesn't matter any way. Good luck!


Rhonda - June 28

Hello Gena,I am hoping this one is a boy,because my last two were girls,so a boy would be nice.


RMC - June 28

Hi Rhonda, I'm 6 wks and 4 days. I have 3 boys so I'm crossing my fingers for a girl.


Rhonda - June 28

Hi there RMC,I hope you get that little girl you want.I am really hoping this one is a boy,but another little girl would also be wonderful as well.Are you having any morning sickness?I am having alot of nausea.but i had not much with my others.


sapi - June 28

Hi Rhonda I think that i am also 5 weeks last period was May 20th and I took the test last week and It was positive. I am going to see my OB in 2 weeks. Congrats and good luck


Seredetia - June 29

I'm 7 weeks today (6/29, technically) and I really want a girl, but dh wants a boy. lol. I'll be happy with either, it's just that I know nothing about boys...and they always break things (bones...)


RMC - June 29

I had a ton of nausea with my first, and not any at all with the second two. And so far, none with this pregnancy. My only symptoms are sore bbs and exhaustion. I need 14 hours of sleep it seems .. lol.


Rhonda - June 29

Hello Sapi and Seredetia,Welcome to this thread,It is going to be really nice having you all to talk to.Sapi,congrats on your pregnancy(is'ent it exciteing)Seredeita,i talked to you on another is so nice to hear from you again.It seems like all men want a boy.Rmc,i hear you,heck! i never get enough sleep.I am always tired.But i also have three kids in diapers.But trying to potty break one.(not an easy job.


Gena - June 29

Hope you get your boy Rhonda!


Rhonda - June 29

Gena,thank you,I have a feeling this one is a girl,also as soon as i learned i was pregnant,a girl name popped into my head.But having another girl is wonderful.At least all the girls will be close in age.Plus all the baby stuff we have is for girls.I s this your first baby?I have three at home,but i also have a 5yr old that wanted to live with his dad,so that is where he is.


aussiegal - June 29

hi girls!! im 18wks pregnant with my 2nd baby...i already have a daughter who is almost 11 months yeah i'll have 2 under 2 when bub is born!! i go for my 2nd ultrasound next fri...the day before my sisters wedding....its all very exciting here!!!!!!! and im feeling great!!!! hope everyone else is too!


shannon5980 - June 29

hello all, I am around 7 weeks pg today. this is my fourth pregnancy. I have a 8yr old daughter, 7yr old boy, and a four year old boy at home. I am hoping for another girl. This is going to be my last pregnancy because well ummm 4 is enough for me and It will be nice to have 2 boys and 2 girls. I have had alot of nausea with this pregnancy. Other then that i feel pretty good.


Krissiem23 - June 29

I am 5 weeks and 1 day. I thought that I was further but I'm not. This is my dh & I's first! I knew the day after conception - I don't care if anyoe believes me - I told my husband on the 5th, and we conceived on the 4th. I have been exhausted, my bb's hurt like heck, and naseous! I have lost 5 pounds - but my stomache had grown 3 inches already. People keep telling me thats not good, but what can I do? I'm barley eating as it is!


Rhonda - June 29

Hello to Aussiegal,shannon5980 and Krissiem23,It is good to have you ladys here with us.Aussie,so you are having a boy?That is what i hope this one is.Shannon,i did have alot of nausea but it seems to have slacked off now.I have 2girls and 1boy at home.Krissiem,I have heard some women say they knew they were pregnant right after conception,they say they just felt ya i beleive you.It is so normal to lose a little weight when you first get pregnant,then you will gain it back.i always lost around 5lbs and by the next month i gained it back.Dont worry about what other people say,im sure you are fine.


Rhonda - June 29

It's me again,I am getting ready to start fixing supper in a little bit,but am bored at the moment.I am trying to quit smoking,and trying not to pull my hair out(lol)it's harder than i thought.Are any of you smokers or exsmokers?I need to scream(aaarrrrggghhh)there that feels better(lol)Boy today is pa__sing slow,well for me it is.bye.


Seredetia - June 29

Yeah, Rhonda, I'm a smoker...soon-to-be-ex. ;) I'm trying so very hard. I was smoking a pack to a pack and a half a DAY before finding out I was I'm down quite a bit and hope to quit within the week.



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