How Much Bleeding Is Normal During Your First Trimester

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daniela - June 16

I just found out I am pregnant had some spotting which made me nervous. The first time I was pregnant I had a misscarriage. I just started bleeding fresh blood two days ago enough to lightly soak a pad in one day.But I don't have any abdominal pain.I just feel some pressure. The doctor said to relax and as long as I don't have pain it might be ok. I have an ultrasound in a week. I just wonder has anyone had anything like this and does it mean I am more than likely going to have another misscarriage?


kelley32 - June 16

I had a miscarriage in January at 4 1/2 weeks pg ... I started spotting a bit of brownish/red about the same amount as you ... didn't have any pain, but I felt contractions. After 2 days of spotting, I went to the ER and docs told me my cervix was closed and that was a good sign. I had a blood test and an u/s, but they couldn't see any sign of a baby. I got my blood test results and HCG level was really low for 5 weeks pg, so I had to go back 3 days later for another blood test. My HCG levels were even lower and they told me I had a m/c ... that it was a chemical pregnancy and that the fertilized egg probably didn't attach properly to the lining of my iterus. I have heard that many women spot in the first trimester and I hope that everything works out for you.


Sanders - June 21

I bleed heavily with this pregnancy when i was about 6 1/2 wks preg. i noticed some bleeding while i was at work so i went straight to the emergency room and they gave me an u/s and they said that the baby looked well attached and i should be ok just if i didnt pa__s any clots, I also thought i had lost the baby b/c i did pa__s a couple of clots and the did and cervical swap to check my cervix but it was closed so they put me on bedrest for a little while to stop the bleeding and i bleed for a week straight i was soo worried i thought i was going to lose the baby. Then the bleeding stopped and i went to see my obgyn for another u/s and everything was fine i am now 24wks preg with a baby girl after a 3 boys and i am thankful everyday for her, because i bleed very very heavily.


dyh316 - June 21

I'm 12 weeks and have been bleeding as well. I've been to the emergency 2x already. They had told me that if i soak a pad every 15 minutes and have blood clots that are plum-like then i should go back in. After the ultrasound and pelvic exam, everything looked fine. I saw the baby jumpin around and the heartbeat. They told me to take it easy and relax that bleeding is more common in pregnancies than a lot of people think. But i think regardless of what they say it's always wise to go in if you have any type of bleeding or cramping.



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