How Much Caffiene Is Safe While Pregnant

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Nat22 - June 27

Hi everyone, I am 14 weeks pregnant and don't know if it is okay to drink coffee every once in while. I know some say NO caffiene AT ALL, and others say that 300 milligrams of caffiene a day is safe after the first trimester.


Seredetia - June 27

honestly, I wouldn't be able to live without a bit of coffee in my system once in helps me regulate. lol (sorry, tmi) I wouldn't have TOO much, but I haven't heard of any specific problems when you have a cup or so every couple of days.


Mandy - June 27

iam almost 30 weeks preg.I have drank coffee since day one and things are ok..Since i drank alot before i got preg my doc said to just cut back to 1-2 cups a day.


Gena - June 27

My doctor also said 1-2 cups a day would be fine of coke or coffee. I'm sure it's not the best thing for you to have but sometimes it just seems necessary!! I'm sure millions of people have way more than that on a regular basis when pregnant.


Madeline - June 28

I have a baby boy who just turned 1...I couldn't have asked for a healthier, more perfect baby...I drank at least an average of 1-2 cups every weekday, and diet coke as well. I didn't ONLY consume those drinks, I think if someone ONLY drank sodas or coffee, then they'd have to worry. =) Congrats!


Nat22 - June 28

Thanks ladies! I feel better now.... I think at the most i have had 1 cup of coffee every other day or so for the past week. I started feeling guilty and was worried i was hurting my little one! I feel better to know that it is okay in moderation and others feel the same way! :)


Lynne - June 28

I was told one cup of coffee in the morning and one caffinated drink during the afternoon. So a total of two cups per day. That sounded reasonable to me!!


Natashasmomma - June 28

This is what I read ain the baby cebter magazine I got this month. I thought it was crazy! three 8-ounce cups of coffee or six cans of cola That seems like alot my Dr. said 1 mocha day If I HAD too.. No soda with Caffeine



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