How Much Lifting Is Too Much

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Jenny - April 28

My boyfriend and I are currently in the process of moving house and we have lots of boxes that need unpacking and shifting. His and my parents have helped with a lot of the lifting but there are some things I can't avoid. Also my job involves a lot of carrying heavy notes and doc_ments around and lifting files from shelves to file paperwork. I've just been a bit concerned that I've been lifting too much. How does it affect the baby if you strain yourself too much?


Maddie - April 28

I am in the same boat. I am 33 weeks along, how far are you? It depends a lot on how far along you are, as you could strain a muscle, and also your balance is way off! I have ALWAYS been very strong, and feel I CAND LIFT THAT! My husband and everyone else always harp on me for lifting, but I feel like, I know my limit, and I can tell if it's too heavy. Keep the lifting to a safe weight, and if it feels a little heavy, don't do it.


Heidi - April 28

We moved when I was 7 wks pg and I still lifted everything. They say nothing over 50 lbs or whatever feels to heavy for you. At about 11 wks I lifted the front end of my 100 lb golden retriever into the truck and I felt that big time in my front area so no more of that. Now we're moving in a few more weeks into our new house so I probably won't be doing any real heavy lifting. Just what I feel is comfortable. They say don't lift with your tummy, use your legs. I'm 15 wks today and have a hard time squatting to pick stuff up. I think I'm carrying high so it's awkward! Just use common sense and don't overdue it. Let the men do the moving for ya and you unpack :)


Jenny - April 28

Thanks for your advice girls. I think you're right - I should just use my common sense to decide what's too heavy. I didn't realise how stressful moving house would be, not only physically but emotionally too! I'm 29 weeks by the way Maddie x


April - April 28

I asked my doctor the same question. He said just don't lift anything more than what you're used to lifting. Don't strain yourself. Which is pretty much all common sense anyway. I'm sure as you get farther along though, you should lift less because of balance issues... I know my balance is HORRIBLE... and I'm right around you.. I'm at 28 weeks


crystal - April 28

I am 31 weeks and Im moving into a completly different state I feel bad for boyfriend because my doctor told me not to lift more then 10-15 lbs but I feel I could do more.



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