How Much Should I Pay A Part Time Nanny

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unsure - August 17

ok, so I am planning to get a part time nanny for when the baby comes and have no idea how much I should pay her, she would live in my house, have food, access to phone, t.v., laundry have her own room, etc. but will work probably 5 to 6 days a week ONLY PART TIME..but I have no idea as to how much to pay her? I don't want to offert to little or to much..what do you girls think would be good? (she would also have to travel when we do, at least most of the times)


E - August 17

How old is she? Will you be home when she is watching the child? What is her education? What will she do while the baby sleeps (eg clean/shop for you or have free time for herself)? How many hours is part-time? Is she CPR certified? Does she have a drivers license? There are many things to consider when figuring her salary. I am sure I am missing several other considerations.


Julie - August 17

Well you must consider that you are providing her with a place to live and extra living expenses already. I would contact a professional nanny agency and see how much they charge. My sister in law looked into a nanny live in as well and it turned out to be pretty expensive because they also had to cover her medical expenses. Does the nanny also have an hourly rate? I know where I live just to rent an apt. you are looking at $800.00 per month before utilities or food. If she is only working part time for you I don't know how much more you should give her. Most nannys in my area charge from $10.00 - $12.00 an hour.


unsure - August 17

lol E! you are soo funny! OK so first question, I have 2 options she may be in her early 20s or she may be in her mid 40s, most of the time I will be around her whe she takes care of the baby, for sure the first months (so I can see how she is around the baby and if I like the way she does things and takes care of things) 3rd about her education I am not sure..( I know the persons so I do't feel like they have to have a degree on babies and stuff) 4th when the baby sleeps she will probably have free time, or maybe take care of his little clothesk, toys etc. 5th part time would probably be like 6 hours. 6th about been cpr certified I don't know but for sure "we" Icluding me, we can take a cla__s together..7th about the driver lisence I am sure they have one but she won't be driving anywhere or at least not with my baby! Thanks for asking all this questions, it reminds me of all the things that I need to think about first (i know there is more) I am not concerned about some things b/c I am getting someone that I have kown for years..I think it will be easier and I will feel much better b/c it will be someone I trust.. ( I have seen those horrible stories on tv)


Eryn - August 17

Try looking in your newspaper for other people who are looking for live in nannies and see what they are offering for pay. Good Luck!


E - August 18

I see. I would pay a mother's helper less (initially) than someone that is taking care of the kids solo. You can always raise her salary if you plan to leave at some point, and she does the caretaking. I forgot to ask you where you live. Nannies in Boston make ~$15/hr and usually more. Also, 6 hours a day, at 6 days a week is almost full time. I do not consider 36 hours a week to be part-time. Will you be offering her health benefits? If not, you might up her salary knowing she needs to provide coverage for herself. My last ? is - WHEN CAN I BORROW HER?? LOL!! I still do not have a $$ figure b/c it depends on where you live.



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