How Much Weight Did You Gain During 1st 2nd 3rd Trimester

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Mary - April 8

I have gained 5 lbs on my 1st trimester - is that too much? I am eating normally plust extra sweets :) ...


Missy - April 8

I don't know how much weight you are supposed to gain in the 1st trimester - I have gained 7 but no one believes me. I eat normally plus a few sweets too. I am now in my second trimester and now that the morning sickness is better and the tiredness has gone away, I am trying to be more active and eat healthier. I have heard about 3 pounds a month in 2nd trimester and 4 lbs a month in the 3rd. Your body will tell you if you are hungry - don't worry about the weight, just remember it a for a good cause! Eat healthy snacks and you will be fine!!


monica - April 8

i am ashame to say I gained 15 lbs during my 1st and half of my second trimester. I am trying to exercise a lot more now.


c - April 8

It is normal to gain wieght during your pregnancy regaurdless of what trimester your in. Enjoy your pregnancy and eat what ever you want i didnt gain any weight till i was 4months


Mary - April 8

Thanks for the information! I know it is normal to gain weight during pregnancy, I am just curious as to how much has everyone gained during each trimester. I am enjoying the whole process :)


Karen - April 8

Every woman is different and will gain different amounts at different times. My only concern right now about weight gain is gaining too much and it being harmful to the pregnany and baby. My boyfriend has dieabites in his family. His father has just been told by his doctor he has and his father mother has too. I am careful about my sugar intake. This weight gain is for all the right reasons, enjoy your pregnancy. I gained a total of 6 pounds in my first trimester. I have a friend who gain 13 and another gain 15. We all are different. Just include healthly foods like fruits and vegs as part of your diet, excelent for the baby. ENJOY and take care


nhb - April 8

I gained nothing my first trimester my first time, but then I gained another 48 pounds over the next two trimesters (way more than the doctor wanted me to gain!). But by the time my son was 10 weeks old, I had lost all but about 5 pounds, and I was still b___stfeeding, so had to have that extra weight still. It just depends. This time, I've lost weight, but feel like I've gained a ton . . . it's weird, being pregnant ;-)


Evy - June 23

I found this off a pregnancy site: Weight gain during your pregnancy depends on your height and how much you weighed before you became pregnant. All weight gain during pregnancy should be gradual, with most of the weight gained in the last trimester. During the first trimester, it is normal to gain only a small amount of weight, about one pound per month. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG): if you were underweight before becoming pregnant, you should gain between 28 and 40 pounds; if you were overweight, between 15 and 25 pounds. Recent research shows that women who gain more than the recommended amount during pregnancy and who fail to lose this weight within six months after giving birth are at much higher risk of being obese nearly 10 years later. Check with your health care provider to find out how much weight gain during pregnancy is healthy for you.


melissa - June 23

I gained 3 pounds in my first trimester mostly because of morning sickness, but then i gained 11 pounds between week 18 and 22. The doc said it was normal though!


S - June 23

I think everyone is different depending on their age, height and weight before pregnancy. I didnt gain a single pound until i was 7 months pregnant and i gained 14 lbs in just one month which was weird. Im due in two days and all together i have gained about 35lbs. The doc said it wasn't to safe for me because it was a sudden weight gain and it may be difficult to deliver the baby but the doc said the baby weighs approx 8 lbs so far. Im pretty much in the weight gain category. For my height of 5"7 they say you should gain about 25-35 lbs.


Skyfeather - June 23

I weighed 115 before I bacame pregnant. I unfortuantly had very mad morning sickness and was vomitting all day long for the first six plus months. I dropped down to 100lbs and then finally started gaining the weight. Before I delivered I weighed 123. So depending on how you look at it, I either gained 8lbs or 23lbs.



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