How Much Weight Did You Gain With Previous Pregnancies

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Lynn - May 3

O.K... I'm feeling really fat today. This is my first & everybody tells me that I should gain between 25 & 35 pounds. Well, I'm telling you now, it's going to be more on the 35 end of things! I'm 10 weeks today & have gained about 5 pounds just in the last month.. I have no idea how since I've been so sick I can only get 2 or 3 bites of dinner down every day. So how much weight did everyone gain with previous pregnancies? & did anyone of normal weight to begin with... not you skinny minnie size 2 & 4 ladies, those of average say size 8 or 10 REALLY only gain 25 -35 pounds? I'm looking at the Bradley pregnancy diet and thinking that if I eat ALL the servings of ALL the stuff they say I need, I'm DEFINITELY gaining more than the recommended weight gain....


prego nc - May 3

I'm 21 weeks and have gained about 25 lbs so far. I think it's all in my bb's though! lol. I weighed 119 before. I'm worried. I think as long as you eat as healthy as you can, and don't gain 100 lbs we should be ok. I just don't look at the scales when I go to the doc!


Maleficent - May 3

i gained 60 lbs with my son and 40 lbs with my daughter. i think the "recomended" weight gain is a load of c___p. we are all so different, and no one can tell us what is "ideal" weight gain. i'm done counting pounds. if i turn into a freaking manatee before this pregnancy is over it's no one's business but mine.


prego nc - May 3

ha, ha....that's funny!!!! I stoped counting about 2 months ago. It's just depressing. I wonder how much of that weight gain is water retention and other extra fluids!!! WHO CARES!!! WERE PREGNANT AND WE CAN GET FAT IF WE WANT TOO!


nhb - May 3

I am a size 9 normally, I'm 5/9" and 145 lbs . . . I gained 48 lbs w/ my first baby and lost almost all of it (all but 4 pounds) by 10 weeks after delivery. I'm not worried about it anymore.


prego nc - May 3

nhb.....did you b___st feed? Did you feel pretty confident in a bathing suite after your first?


Jenb - May 3

I gained 17 pounds but was overweight when I got pregnant. I improved my diet alot while I was pregnant so that the baby would be healthy. I weighed less after the baby was born than I did when I got pregnant. If I had continued eating like c___p I would have gained more. I gained most of it in the first 4 months. If I had started at a normal weight I probably would have gained more. I wouldn't worry. Just eat as healthy as you can and you should be fine.


Billie - May 3

I was a "skinny minnie" when I got pregnant. But if it makes you feel better, I am now 36 weeks pregnant and I have gained 41 lbs. I have another appointment tomorrow so I'm sure it's up to 45lbs by now. A friend of mine is 35 weeks and she has only gained 22 lbs. That's almost double. What I'm saying is that us "skinny minnie's" feel fat at times too.


Lynn - May 3

Yes, I know you feel fat too. I was a size 2 for many many many years so I know what it's like to be that skinny. Usually though, when you're that skinny, no matte rhow much weight you gain, you end up losing it all anyway & if I remember right, when I was that skinny, I could've gained a few pounds and noone would really be able to notice too much. 45 pounds is alot, I bet you probably carry it well though & everybody is telling you how "cute" you look (even though you don't feel cute)


Billie - May 3

Yeah, I definietly don't feel cute but people don't tell me that I am anyway. I usually get "are you having twins?" WFT? No I'm not having twins!!!!! The only way I get through it all is the fact that I know that my baby is healthy. I could really care less if I gained another 10 lbs as long as he is healthy!!


Liz - May 3

I am a size 8/10 , 5'9 " and gained 40 lbs. w/ daughter. It took a year to get it all off w/ diet and excercise.


nhb - May 3

Yes, I b___stfed, but only for three months . . . So I lost pretty much all the weight by the time I was done b___stfeeding. I haven't been able to wear a bathing suit--I stayed indoors all summer last year since I was recovering, and wasn't allowed tampons for so long b/c I had my son in May 2004 . . . now this year I'm already pregnant again, so I"ll be in maternity again!! I got lots of stretch marks, but I think that's got more to do w/ heredity than anything else. My mother also has tons of them. I'll keep you updated for Summer 2006 and see if I wear one then :)


Julie - May 3

I gained 50 lbs. with my son. I hope that doesn't happen again! YIKES! My doc said that was too much but I was underweight before. This time I am 17 weeks and have gained 8 lbs. so I am doing pretty good.


sheena - May 5

I am already overweight and have not had a baby yet.I am going to start trying now though.By everything i have heard people say it is more likely after your pregnancy you will lose weight instead of gain.What do you think about this please tell me?


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 5

I was a size 10 with my first pregnancy and gained 35 pounds. With my second I was a size 16 (never lost the baby weight) and gained 30. With this one I was back to a size 10 and have gained 4 pounds so far. I'm 14 weeks. I think the main concern should be your diet. If you follow a healthy diet, then the weight will fall off a whole lot quicker after you deliver. Also remember that a lot of your weight gain at this point is due to water retention, which helps increase your blood supply by the necessary 50%. :o)


Bella - May 5

I gained 31. When I had gained 27lbs 4 weeks before my due date my Dr. really got onto me at each check up. She was telling me to cut back eating that that my weight was getting too high. I was 5'8" 140 before, 172lbs the day I went into labor.


monica - May 5

I actually gained 10 lbs after I delivered . Breast feeding made me hungry and tired so all I did was eat and lay around. After I stop b___st feeding I lost 50lbs.



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